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Decision-making in the European Union (5 ECTS)

Lecturer: Dr T. Nowak (coordinator)

When: Year 3, Block 3

Brief course description: A substantial and increasing part of national law and policy stems from legal instruments and policy measures of the European Union. This module aims to provide students with a thorough analysis of the political and administrative processes which result in these European legal acts and policies. The content of the course will cover multiple areas. First, the development, nature and functioning of the EU’s political and institutional system, which is fundamentally different from national political systems in a number of ways, will be discussed. Then, the administrative and political decision making that takes place within these frameworks will be discussed. The policy process can be divided into various phases, from initiation to implementation and monitoring, and for each phase a number of specific problems and characteristics will be discussed. A political science perspective will be applied in the analysis of these decision-making processes. The module consists of lectures and tutorials. In the tutorials students will learn to apply theoretical knowledge by means of research assignments.

*Official course information and schedules during the academic year can be found in Ocasys.

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