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Short Biography Prof.Dr. Ruth Sefton-Green

Dr Ruth Sefton-Green is Maître de conférences of comparative private law at the Université Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne) where she obtained her PhD (1997). She was Wainwright Senior Fellow at the Faculty of Law, McGill University (winter semester, 2012). She has also taught at Sciences Po, Paris. Her thesis La notion d’obligation fondamentale: comparaison franco-anglaise (LGJD, 2000) was awarded the Lévy-Ulmnan prize for comparative law. She has also published, as editor, a book in the Common Core of European Private Law series, Mistake, Fraud and Duties to Inform in European Contract Law (Cambridge University Press, 2005). She has participated as a reporter in other Common Core of European Private Law volumes and is an member of the Study Group for Social Justice in European Private Law, whose manifesto was published in the European Law Journal (2004).She has published numerous articles, singly and collectively, in French, English and European law books and periodicals on themes and issues relating to the comparative law of obligations, legal culture, European private law and social justice. Recent publications include: French and English Crypto-nationalism in European Private Law. An exercise in sentiment and reason,’ (2012) European Review of Contract Law, 260-276; ‘Vices et vertus de la motivation judiciaire : comparaisons anglo-françaises,’ (2011) 2 Cahiers de la Justice, 89-99 ; ‘A Vision of Social Justice in French Private Law: Paternalism and Solidarity’ in H. Micklitz (ed), The ManyConcepts of Social Justice in European Private Law, Elgar Publishing, 2011, pp. 237-256.

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