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Short Biography Prof.Dr. Brigitta Lurger

Brigitta Lurger is Professor of Private Law, European Law and Comparative Law at the University of Graz, Faculty of Law. She studied at Graz, Harvard and The Hague. She is a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and co-editor of IHR (Internationales Handelsrecht) and EPLJ (European Property Law Journal), and member of the advisory boards of ERPL (European Review of Private Law) and ERCL (European Review of Contract Law). She was member of the Study Group on a European Civil Code, her working group drafted Book VIII of the Draft Common Frame of Reference 2009 on property law. Recent publications include Österreichisches und Europäisches Verbraucherschutzrecht, 2nd ed. (Vienna: Springer) 2008, 335 pp.

(together with S. Augenhofer); Acquisition and Loss of Ownership of Goods, (Munich: Sellier) 2011, 1657 pp. (together with W. Faber); Old and New Insights for the Protection of Consumers in European Private Law in the Wake of the Global Economic Crisis, in R. Brownsword, H-W. Micklitz, L. Niglia, S. Weatherill (ed), The Foundations of European Private Law, (Oxford: Hart Publishing) 2011, pp. 89-114; Widerrufsrechte in P. Bydlinski, B. Lurger (ed), Die Richtlinie über die Rechte der Verbraucher, (Vienna: Manz) 2012, pp. 53-97.

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