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Please note that the abstracts presented below can also be downloaded in a single pdf-file.

Concept and Methodology

Prof. Dr. D. von der Pfordten - Embedding the Relationship between Law and Governance

Prof. Dr. P.C. Westerman - Law and Governance: the difference between houses and ships

Dr. C.N.J. de Vey Mestdagh - What is Law? From governance to government and back

Prof. Dr. G.P. Mifsud Bonnici - Law and Governance in the age of technology

Governance as Law

Prof. Dr. M.L.M. Hertogh - Governance Meets Law: Mapping the Elusive Concept of Non-State Law

Prof. Dr. H.E. Bröring -  Soft Law in the Public Administration

Dr. C.N.J. de Vey Mestdagh - Internet Governance. Policy Networks as a Model for Governance of the Technical Environment

Governance in the Law

Dr. T. Nowak and Dr. Th.J.G. van den Hoogen - Self- and co-regulation in the EU – three case studies

Dr. N.E.H.M. Zeegers - Is devolved regulation a two stage rocket to public acceptance of the use of embryos in research? The issue of the human-animal hybrid embryo in the UK

Prof. Dr. G.J. Vonk - Civil society organisations in contemporary social markets

Prof. Dr. H.B. Winter - In search for evidence-based regulatory enforcement

Dr. H.H. Voogsgeerd - The Role of Private Regulation in Creating, Interpreting and Enforcing Labour Law

Dr. J.A. Nijboer, Prof. Dr. B.F. Keulen, Dr. H.K. Elzinga, LL.M. and Dr. N.J.M. Kwakman, LL.M. - Expert registers in criminal cases. Governance in criminal proceedings

Prof. Dr. L.C.A. Verstappen

Governance through Law

Prof. Dr. H.B. Krans - European law and Dutch Civil Procedure Law

M.J. van Wolferen, LL.M

Prof. Dr. S. Comtois - Deference and judicial review: a necessary step in the transformation of governance in Canada

Prof. Dr. J.H. Hubben, LL.M. and Dr. J.H.H.M. Dorscheidt, LL.M - Public Supervision in Health Care and Good Governance

Prof. Dr. I.J.J. Burgers - Taxation and Governance through the Law

Prof. Dr. F. Giglio - Public Law Values in the Law of Damages: Recent Developments in the English Common Law

Prof. Dr. M.H. Wissink - Better Governance of Contract Law through a European Optional Instrument

Prof. Dr. M. Zamboni - Dis-Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility

Prof. Dr. D.A. Lubach - Construction law as an example of interaction between law and governance

Governance against the Law

Dr. H.G. Hoogers - Governance against law: the strange case of the Dutch constitution

Prof. Dr. H. Mostert - Governance against the law: customary and statutory perceptions of tenure security in South-Africa

Prof. Dr. M.M.T.A. Brus

Prof. Dr. D. Kochenov   

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