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Dimitry Kochenov: Which One is the Best Passport to Have?

09 June 2016
Prof. Dimitry Kochenov

A new index unveiled in Zurich this June is the first to ever objectively rank the quality of nationalities worldwide. The Henley & Partners – Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI) explores both internal factors (such as the scale of the economy, human development, and peace and stability) and external factors (including visa-free travel and the ability to settle and work abroad without cumbersome formalities) that make one nationality better than another in terms of legal status in which to develop your talents and business.

Prof. Dimitry Kochenov, a leading constitutional law professor with a long-standing interest in European and comparative citizenship law, says the key premise of the index is that it’s possible to compare the relative worth of nationalities – as opposed to, simply, countries. Read the full article in Funds Society.

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