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Dimitry Kochenov: 'The Argentinisation of the Post-Brexit British Citizenship'

28 June 2016
Prof. Dimitry Kochenov

Prof. Dimitry Kochenov (EU Constitutional Law) gave an extensive interview to BBC World (the Russian Service) discussing the possible impact of Brexit on the quality of British citizenship. While there is a number of options, all of them signify a serious loss of rights by British citizens as a result of the withdrawal from the EU.

The most sobering scenario involves a very serious deterioration of the quality of British nationality, showing a more significant fall, than the recent drop in quality of the nationality of war-affected Ukraine and the countries of the Arab spring. The most sensible option among the available remains the negotiation for the UK of an EEA-like access to the EU's internal market, which is bound, at the same time, to make Brexit a merely cosmetic exercise in essence.

A slightly enlarged version of the same text in English was published by the Verfassungsblog.

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