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Myles Schoonover

The Making of Identity: A Culture of Translation in Ptolemaic Egypt

This study proposes to examine Greek translations of Jewish religious texts, translational activity, and community reception of such texts from the 3rd century BCE through the beginning of the 1st century CE. The key focus of the project will not only be the translations themselves (the Septuagint) but other compositions which pertain to translational activity such as the Letter of Aristeas, the Greek translation of Sirach and its prologue, Josephus, and Philo. Throughout the project, recent understandings and advancements in translation theory will be kept in critical view as an aid to better understand Jewish translational activity as it relates to (1) interpretative issues and complexities; (2) socio-historical factors and influences; (3) the ideological and theological impact of translational and redactional choices, especially those texts that were understood occupy an elevated or authoritative status, and (4) the impact of the translations on the self-identity of the Jewish community who produced and used these translations.

Laatst gewijzigd:12 juni 2023 20:33