Minor More Healthy Years: Current Challenges in Public Health

Naam Minor More Healthy Years: Current Challenges in Public Health
Code BWMIN19
Faculteit Medische Wetenschappen / UMCG
Omschrijving The phases of the minor teaching schedule are coupled to the different phases in the design thinking process.
Kick-off week. In the first week, the students will be presented with the challenges by the participating organisations (e.g. the role of food in prevention of health problems, the future role of hospitals in keeping society healthy, how to design a future proof youth health care system). Students will select a challenge and form interdisciplinary teams in which they complement each other’s knowledge and skills to collectively start their journey to solve the challenges they are presented with. Each group will be guided by a mentor.
Phase 1: discover. Students create a thorough understanding of the challenge, using desk and field research. They will learn about the audience(s) for whom they are solving problems. In addition, they will reflect upon their challenge in light of different perspectives on public health (e.g. medical, economic, psychological, humanities and legal).
Phase 2: define. Students collate data from the discover phase to define the design problems and challenges. They create ‘personas’ (i.e. rich descriptions of ‘typical’ end users). In addition, the 'customer journey' (the problem with all its facets from the end user perspective) is explored. Finally, a problem definition is defined, so the groups decide which exact (part of the) challenge they will try to tackle.
Phase 3: ideate. In time-boxed brainstorm (sprint) sessions guided by design thinking experts, groups will come up with creative and suitable solutions. A test plan for the next phase is created.
Phase 4: prototyping and testing. In this phase, ideas are being developed and shared. The goal is to experiment with solutions and test them with the end users in order to come up with the best possible solutions to the problem definition.
This minor will conclude with two final weeks in which a presentation of the solutions to peers and clients will be scheduled. In addition, groups present an implementation plan outlining what needs to happen to implement the solution into practice.
During the whole process, the end users and clients will be invited to participate, to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are being considered.
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Niveau(s) universitaire minor
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