Ma Programme Religion and Pluralism, Ancient and Modern

Naam Ma Programme Religion and Pluralism, Ancient and Modern
Faculteit Godgeleerdheid en Godsdienstwetenschap
ECTS 120
Omschrijving Tension between group solidarity and productive relations with others has been part of human history for as long as evidence exists. In Europe it has played out most enduringly in relations among the monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Even when ‘religion’ yielded to the nation-state and racial biology in the nineteenth century, the new categories bonded with ingrained religious outlooks in Europe’s now Catholic and Protestant states. Jews—a racial group according to the new ideology, but still identified by religious criteria—became the least tolerated Other. Today, in the face of mass migration from Muslim regions, questions of political identity and belonging remain bound up with religious affiliation. Elsewhere in the world (Latin America, Africa, the Middle and Far East), centuries of Christian domination are yielding to a pluralism energised largely by the recovery of native religious traditions.
The new International Master’s degree exploits unique resources in Groningen for research in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Origins to serve as both crucible and hub for this problem set: religious pluralism, politics, and their many interfaces globally. Recognising that each of the monotheistic religions looks to its formative period for self-understanding, Groningen’s international researchers on Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Origins will offer a one-year M.A. focused on the early relations among these groups, as a platform for integration with courses on modern Europe. Modern dimensions can be pursued further in a double degree, through one of the partnerships we are developing with universities in likely Central and South America, and southern Europe. Or the one-year M.A. may be integrated in a two-year research Master for more in-depth study.
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