MSc Mathematics and Physics (double degree)

Naam MSc Mathematics and Physics (double degree)
Code W9995
Faculteit Science and Engineering
ECTS 120
Omschrijving For students who want to combine the master’s programme in Physics and Mathematics this programme is in place.
In case the student is enrolled in both programmes, the student is awarded a master’s degree in both Physics and Mathematics after completing the total programme.

The total programme comprises 160 ects, and is feasible within 2 ½ year of study:
- 90 ects of courses: 40 ects compulsory quantum universe, 10 ects optional courses Quantum Universe, 40 ects in Mathematics and Complex Dynamical Systems (part compulsory, part elective)
- 70 ects of research: one combined Mathematics and Physics project of 70 ects or two separate projects of 35 ects for Mathematics and Physics each

Duur (in jaren) 2
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Nederlands

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