Minor Sport Science

Naam Minor Sport Science
Faculteit Medische Wetenschappen / UMCG
Omschrijving The minor sport science offers students a multidisciplinary introduction to contemporary issues in the field of sport science. Students with a range of different academic backgrounds will be taught courses by experts from the fields of medical, behavioural, social and economic sciences. Through a series of lectures, tutorials, practical sessions, presentations and assignments, students will gain insight into the knowledge, methods and research used in the field of sport science.

The minor sport science is offered in two packages of 15 ECTS. In the first package there are two compulsory and two elective courses. Students are required to choose one of the two elective courses to come to a total of 15 ECTS in package 1. Package 2 consists out of three compulsory courses and it is advisable to follow package 1 prior to package 2. Each package provides a cohesive introduction to the field of Sport Science based on three specific themes:

Sport & Healthy Aging
The focus here is on the physical and psychological factors involved in sport and exercise participation: ranging from promoting an active healthy lifestyle, to the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.
Sport & Performance
This theme focuses on the identification and development of talented athletes, and the theories and techniques necessary for sport performance analysis.
Sport & Sustainable Society
This theme focuses on the social, cultural and economic impact of sport on society.

In the Minor Sport Science, you will learn to:
• Develop domain specific knowledge in the areas of Sport and healthy aging, Sport and performance, and Sport and sustainable society;
• Gain insight into the role and impact of sport science research in the three main themes;
• Apply a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary issues in sport science research.
Coordinator: Dr. J. Smith, Center for Human Movement Studies, University Medical Centre Groningen, minorsportscience@umcg.nl
Prerequisite: Students must have a completed first year of study (propedeuse)and good knowledge of English (understanding, speaking, reading and writing)
Duur (in jaren)
Niveau(s) universitaire minor
Voertaal Engels

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