MSc Ecology and Evolution

Naam MSc Ecology and Evolution
Faculteit Science and Engineering
ECTS 120
Omschrijving The masterprogramme consists of 120 ECTS. One year of study typicaly consists of 60 ECTS. For details and programme requirements see course catalogue.

Within the master Ecology and Evolution there are four main fields of interest:
Evolutionary Ecology & Genetics. A central issue in evolutionary biology concerns the importance of genetic variation: how do genetic variation and natural selection result in reproductive systems, adaptation of organisms to their environment and the emergence of new species? We will try to answer this
question by means of an experimental, molecular approach (genomics) and via
model-based studies.
Behavioural Ecology & Ecophysiology. Both the morphology and physiology of an
organism and its behaviour are formed by selection. Behaviour – for example
the timing of reproduction, partner choice and time and route of bird migration – and physiology – for example the degree of plasticity to regulate energy use and temperature – are products of evolution. Theoretical models are paired with
experimental ones to study these issues, both in the field and in the laboratory.
Conservation Biology. Small populations are threatened with extinction because
their habitat is fragmented. Whether these populations will indeed die out
depends on their genetic structure, demography, dynamics of distribution, etc.
This type of research is important, for example, for the restoration of nature
reserves or the development of sustainable fishery. Examples of research
projects include the effects of genetic erosion in fruit flies and the seed dispersal of plants in the Wadden area.
Community Ecology. Species and individuals living in the same area interact with
each other and with their environment. Processes of physiological adaptations
and restrictions, competition, grazing, predation and succession can change a
group of individuals into a community. Combining field observations, laboratory
experiments and theoretical models can give us a better understanding of the
mechanisms that are active in nature.
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Niveau(s) master
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