Minor Neuroscience

Naam Minor Neuroscience
Faculteit Science and Engineering
Omschrijving Contact information: minor.neuroscience.fse@rug.nl

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR 2021-2022: the minor programme Neuroscience has reached its maximum capacity. There is NO waiting list. If the minor is full, you may come back later to check whether empty spots are available when enrolled students have deregistered later on.


This minor programme is intended for students from outside the Faculty of Science & Engineering without specific prior education in the field of Neuroscience. The minor is divided in two blocks of 15 EC. Participation in the first block (Neuroscience) is an entry requirement for participation in the second block (Behavioural Neuroscience).

There is a maximum capacity of 50 UG students.

There is also an extra capacity of 5 non-UG students. However, these 5 spots have already been filled for academic year 2021-2022. Non-UG students can reserve a place on the waiting list.

Students from the bachelor's programmes Biology and (old curriculum) Life Science & Technology are not allowed to follow this minor due to overlap with their Bachelor's programme.

Registration starts on 19 May 2021. Information about the registration process (for UG students) can be found here.

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Niveau(s) universitaire minor
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