Minor Challenging Youth

Naam Minor Challenging Youth
Code MIPA15/30
Faculteit Gedrags- en MaatschappijWetenschappen
Omschrijving How do the social, specifically pedagogical sciences contribute to understanding issues related to education and upbringing? This English-taught Minor program presents students with topic surrounding youth and education, thereby focusing on themes that might be understood as challenges in one way or other: We discuss how violence in families and juvenile delinquency impact on development; study the roles of gender, sexuality, and diversity in education, and explore how the images of children and young people changed during history. In lectures, seminars, and project groups students broaden their knowledge on youth and develop a critical approach to understanding youth-related themes and debates.

Students can opt for a minor of 15 ECTS or 30 ECTS. One 15 ECTS minor is taught in semester 1a, and one 15 ECTS minor is taught in semester 1b. The 30 ECTS minor comprises the entire first semester (1a+1b). Alternatively, students can sign up for individual courses (with the exception of "Paper", which should be taken in combination with "Gender, Diversity, and Sexuality".
Duur (in jaren) 1
Niveau(s) universitaire minor , uitwisseling
Voertaal Engels

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