Minor Challenging youth

Naam Minor Challenging youth
Code MIPA15/30
Faculteit Gedrags- en MaatschappijWetenschappen
Omschrijving Our English-language elective programme aims to acquaint students with the contribution that the pedagogical sciences make to analyses of and interventions in issues that may arise in child-rearing, collectivised in the notion of ‘challenging youth’.This process of familiarisation is done by presenting students with a dual set of perspectives on challenging youth. On the one hand, historical, theoretical, intercultural and socio-scientific conceptual resources—including for example gender and ethnicity—are deployed to show students a highly diverse and transnationally recognisable area of pedagogical care. On the other hand, typically Dutch forms of orthopedagogisch or special needs responses are introduced that address problems by actively intervening in the national system of education, schooling and youth care.

Students may opt for a minor of 15 ECTS or 30 ECTS. One 15 ECTS minor is taught in semester 1a, and one 15 ECTS minor is taught in semester 1b. The 30 ECTS minor comprises the entire first semester (1a+1b).
Duur (in jaren) 1
Niveau(s) universitaire minor
Voertaal Engels

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