MSc Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences

Naam MSc Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences
Code 60611
Faculteit Science and Engineering
ECTS 120
Omschrijving The field of medical pharmaceutical sciences is multidisciplinary, focusing on the causes and pathophysiology of diseases and intervention with drugs. Within the programme, researchers from the life sciences (pharmacists, biologists, chemists) cooperate with medical scientists (both researchers and doctors) in training young medical pharmaceutical scientists. Various research institutes are involved in this degree programme. Students can focus on fundamental or applied research, or a combination of both. In consultation with a study mentor, students design their own study programme tailored to their interests.
The two-year degree programme (120 ECTS) has two profiles: the research profile and the policy & management profile. The research profile focuses entirely on research within the medical pharmaceutical sciences. The programme is tailored to the research interest of students. The may design their programme according to their interest or may specialize by choosing a track (available tracks are toxicology and drug disposition or pharmacoepidemiology).
The policy & management profile one year of research and one year aimed at the development of policy and management-related understanding and skills. Students choose one of these variants during their first year.
Duur (in jaren) 2
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels

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