Ba American Studies

Naam Ba American Studies
Code 50623
Faculteit Letteren
ECTS 180
Omschrijving Profile of the degree programme
The major in American Studies provides undergraduates with an integral study of American culture and society in all its diversity, both past and present. As an interdisciplinary field of study, American Studies offers courses and seminars that focus on significant cultural issues that cross traditional disciplinary and departmental lines. In this way, students acquire a broad familiarity with the dynamics of cultural experience and the meanings of “America” over time. During this three-year programme, students explore a range of aspects of American society, including its
- institutions and social processes
- values, customs, and ideals
- history and constitution
- creative expressions
- regional, racial, ethnic, class, and gender identities
- intellectual debates
- popular culture and media
- relations with Canada and Mexico
In addition, students acquire a range of transferable skills, including English-language composition, presentation and communication skills. The department’s extensive study abroad program enables students to study for a semester at one of our student exchange partner institutions in the United States.

Learning outcomes of the degree programme
Students with a bachelor’s degree in American Studies have acquired academic and generic skills. By academic and generic skills is understood in this context:
a) the ability to quickly and efficiently locate information in academic institutions
b) the ability to critically analyse and distinguish between the main aspect and related aspects
c) the ability to process large amounts of information
d) the ability to assess the temporary and complex nature of academic knowledge and research on its merits
e) the ability to critically analyse the own point of view
f) awareness of the interdisciplinary and global dimension of academia
g) high standard for language, style and debating skills
h) the ability to express oneself clearly, correctly and in a controlled manner both in written work and in oral presentations, in both Dutch and English
i) familiarity with at least one non-written technique
j) the ability to actively participate in group projects
k) the ability to actively and knowledgeably participate in discussions, with respect for the opinions of others.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in American Studies have acquired subject-specific skills and attitudes. By subject-specific skills and attitudes is understood in this context:
a) knowledge of the methods and concepts of American Studies, and the ability to extrapolate them to traditions within other disciplines
b) the ability to present scholarly, well-argued and critical oral and written reports of the state of affairs concerning certain subjects within one or more areas of American Studies, and to draw responsible conclusions from these findings
c) an understanding of the nature and function of academic practice in general, and in the relationship of the own field with other academic fields in particular
d) experience with source research and literature research
e) the ability to think in a problem-oriented way and come up with plausible statements that can be supported by arguments
f) the ability to place processes and structures in their historical and cultural-theoretical context
g) the ability to place new data and interpretations into context
h) the ability to understand other countries, peoples, cultures and their history
i) an understanding of the way that truth is perceived and theories are formed in cul-tural-historical research
j) the ability to demonstrate progress by means of a final paper.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in American Studies have acquired subject-specific theoretical and practical knowledge. By subject-specific theoretical and practical knowledge is understood in this context:
a) a broad basic knowledge of the subfields within American Studies: culture and literature, cultural theory (esp. in the field of the concept of culture, ideology, cultural and national identity), the history, the constitution, history and social history, popular culture (esp. in the field of film and the media), and the historical and cultural relations between the United States and Canada/Mexico
b) specific understanding of the development of the characteristics, terminology, methodology and theoretical concepts of the field of American Studies
c) being able to examine the culture of the object of study (the United States) within a theoretical-analytical framework
d) adequate passive and active command of English
e) a broad general knowledge of theory formation concerning cultural studies in general, and that of the United States in particular.

In addition to the knowledge and skills indicated above, the holder of a BA degree also has a basic understanding of and insight into one or several disciplines other than the selected major in order to ensure a broad academic training.
Duur (in jaren) 3
Niveau(s) bachelor
Voertaal Engels

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