Informatie over MSc Astronomy: Science, Business and Policy

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»  Compulsory courses
hele jaarverplichtWMAS001-00Astronomy colloquiumEngels
 verplichtWMAS902-30Master Research ProjectEngels30
semester IverplichtWMSE002-10Introduction Science and PolicyEngels1040
semester I averplichtWMSE001-10Introduction Science and BusinessEngels10
semester I bverplichtWMSE902-40Work placement Business & PolicyEngels en Nederlands40

The programme of the Master Astronomy with the specialization Science, Business and Policy comprises 120 ECTS, and must meet the above mentioned requirements.

Additionally, 4 courses (20 ECTS) must be chosen from the group "Astrophysics Core Courses" listed below. The remaining 10 ECTS must be chosen from the "Optional Courses in Theoretical and Observational Astronomy" or from the "Capita Selecta courses" (also listed below), though no more than 3 Capita Selecta courses are allowed.

» Astrophysics Core Cours
semester I akeuzeWMAS005-05Formation and evolution of galaxiesEngels5
semester I bkeuzeWMAS004-05Cosmic structure formation (22/23)Engels5
semester II akeuzeWMAS014-05Dynamics of Galaxies (21/22)Engels5
 keuzeWMAS017-05Star and planet formation (22/23)Engels5
semester II bkeuzeWMAS018-05Astrochemistry (22/23)Engels5
 keuzeWMAS006-05High-energy Astrophysics (22/23)Engels5
» Capita Selecta Courses
semester I akeuzeWMAS003-03Cosmic Star Formation History (Capita Selecta, 21/22)Engels3
semester II averplichtWMAS016-03Mergers in Galaxy Formation (Capita Selecta, 21/22)Engels3
semester II bkeuzeWMAS013-03Cosmic Web (Capita Selecta, 21/22)Engels36
 keuzeWMAS009-03HI in Galaxies (Capita Selecta, 21/22)Engels3
» Optional Courses in Theoretical and Observational Astronomy
semester I akeuzeWMAS002-05Basic Detection TechniquesEngels5
 keuzeWMPH007-05Computational physicsEngels56
 keuzeWMPH008-05Fundamental ConstantsEngels5
 keuzeWMPH011-05Lie groups in PhysicsEngels5
semester I bkeuzeWMPH016-05Mathematical Methods of PhysicsEngels5
 keuzeWMPH018-05Quantum field theoryEngels5
 keuzeWMAS011-05Statistical Signal ProcessingEngels5
semester II akeuzeWMME010-05Applied OpticsEngels5variabel
 keuzeWMMA017-05Geometry and Differential Equations (22/23)Engels5
 keuzeWMMA018-05Geometry and Topology (19/20)Engels5
 keuzeWMAS015-03Interferometry (Capita Selecta, 22/23)Engels3
 keuzeWMPH035-05Introduction to plasma physicsEngels5
 keuzeWMPH030-05Statistical methods in physicsEngels5
semester II bkeuzeWMPH033-05Collider ExperimentsEngels5
 keuzeWMPH034-05Elementary ParticlesEngels5
 keuzeWMPH038-05Nuclear astrophysicsEngels5

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