Informatie over MSc Applied Mathematics: Systems and Control

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» MSc Applied Mathematics: Systems and Control
hele jaarverplichtWMMA001-15Internship Applied MathematicsEngels15
 verplichtWMMA901-35Master Research Project in Applied MathematicsEngels35
semester Ikeuzegroep AWMMA003-06Systems and Control (Mastermath, 19/20)Engels6
semester I averplichtWMMA005-05Complexity and NetworksEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA006-05Convex Optimization (20/21)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA007-05Modeling and identification (19/20)Engels5
semester I bverplichtWMMA013-05Mathematics and its EnvironmentEngels5
semester II akeuzegroep AWMMA020-05Modeling and Control of Complex Nonlinear Engineering SystemEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA021-05Robust controlEngels5
semester II bverplichtWMMA023-05Mathematical Modeling ColloquiumEngels5

The track Systems and Control comprises of 120 ects:
- 15 ects compulosry courses, Complexity and Networks, Mathematics Modelling Colloquium, Mathematics and its Environment, jointly for all MSc Mathematics and Applied Mathematics students.
- (at least) 25 ects track specific courses: the five compulsory courses in the table above.
- (at least) 15 ects of Guided Choice: to be chosen from the compulsory courses of any of the tracks in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics or the Mastermath Programme. In addition, students can follow the Guided Choice Systems & Control in the table below.
- (at most) 15 ects of Free Choice: free choice out of modules on Master level relevant for the master Applied Mathematics (at the discretion of the Board of Examiners)
- 35 ects Research project in the specialization track
- 15 ects Internship in Applied Mathematics

» Systems and Control: Guided choice
semester I aguided choiceWMIE005-05Robotics for IEMEngels5
semester II aguided choiceWMIE014-05Advanced Digital and Hybrid Control SystemsEngels5
 guided choiceWMIE015-05Analysis and control of smart systemsEngels5

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