Informatie over MSc Applied Mathematics: Computational Mathematics

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»  MSc Applied Mathematics: Computational Mathematics
hele jaarverplichtWMMA001-15Internship Applied MathematicsEngels15
 verplichtWMMA901-35Master Research Project in Applied MathematicsEngels35
semester Ikeuzegroep AWMMA002-08Numerical Linear Algebra (MasterMath)Engels8
semester I averplichtWMMA005-05Complexity and NetworksEngels5
semester I bverplichtWMMA013-05Mathematics and its EnvironmentEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA012-05Computational fluid dynamicsEngels5
semester IIkeuzegroep AWMMA014-08Num. Bifurcation Analysis of Large Scale Syst (MM,22/23)Engels8
semester II akeuzegroep AWMMA016-05Finite Element Methods for Fluid DynamicsEngels5
semester II bverplichtWMMA023-05Mathematical Modeling ColloquiumEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMME013-05Finite element modelling for advanced processingEngels5variabel

The track Computational Mathematics comprises of 120 ects:
- 15 ects compulsory courses, Complexity and Networks, Mathematics Modelling Colloquium, Mathematics and its Environment, joinlty for all MSc Mathematics and Applied Mathematics students.
- (at least) 23 ects track specific courses: the five compulsory courses in the table above (group A) or relevant courses from the Mastermath programme (at discretion of the Board of Examiners). At least 3 of the track specific courses have to be local non-Mastermath courses.
- (at least) 15 ects of Guided Choice: to be chosen from the compulsory courses of any of the tracks in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics or the Mastermath programme. In addition, students can follow the Guided Choice Computational Mathematics in the table below.
- (at most) 15 ects of Free Choice: free choice out of modules on Master level relevant for the master Applied Mathematics (at the discretion of the Board of Examiners)
- 35 ects Research project in the specialization track
- 15 ects Internship in Applied Mathematics

The total has to be at least 120 ECTS, but it should not be possible to remove one course and still have more than 120 ECTS. At the discretion of the Board of Examiners, these extra courses could be added as extracurricular.

» Computational Mathematics: Guided choice
semester I akeuzegroep BWMPH007-05Computational physicsEngels56
 keuzegroep BWMCS003-05Modelling and SimulationEngels5
semester I bkeuzegroep BWBCS034-05Programming in C++Engels5
 keuzegroep BWMCS018-05Scientific VisualizationEngels5

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