Informatie over MSc Mathematics: Mathematics and Complex Dynamical Systems

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hele jaarverplichtWMMA902-50Master Research Project in MathematicsEngels50
semester I akeuzegroep AWMMA045-05Arithmetic Geometry (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA046-05Combinatorial Mathematics B (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA019-05Hamiltonian mechanicsEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA019-05Hamiltonian mechanicsEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA033-05Introduction to Algebraic GeometryEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA032-05Pertubation Theory (22/23)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA041-05Random Geometry and Topology A (22/23)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA043-05Singularity Theory (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA031-05Topics in Dynamical Systems and Chaos A (22/23)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA042-05Topics in Dynamical Systems and Chaos B (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA044-05Topics in Topology B (23/24)Engels5
semester I bkeuzegroep AWMMA037-05Integrable SystemsEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA061-05Mathematical Spread Infectious Diseases (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA047-05Spectral Theory (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA038-05Topics in Algebra and Geometry A (22/23)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA048-05Topics in Algebra and Geometry B (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA040-05Topics in Differential GeometryEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA039-05Topics in Probability and StatisticsEngels5
semester II averplichtWMMA013-05Mathematics and its EnvironmentEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA017-05Geometry and Differential Equations (22/23)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA018-05Geometry and Topology (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA049-05Random Geometry and Topology B (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA024-05Statistical ConsultingEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA008-05Statistical genomics (23/24)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA035-05Topics in Number Theory (22/23)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA034-05Topics in Topology A (22/23)Engels5
semester II bverplichtWMMA030-05Research Seminar in MathematicsEngels5
 verplichtWMMA029-05Student ColloquiumEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA036-05Combinatorial Mathematics A (22/23)Engels5

We encourage students to pick a specialization in stead of a track. The specializations give more, better and better aligned choices, and the tracks will be phased out in the next couple of years, so picking a specialization avoids having to switch later on.

The track Mathematics and Complex Dynamical Systems comprises of 120 ects:

  • The three common courses, shared with all Mathematics students: Mathematics and its Environment; Student Colloquium; Research Seminar in Mathematics
  • (at least) 25 ECTS track specific courses: the five compulsory courses in the table above (group A) or relevant courses from the Mastermath programme (at discretion of the Board of Examiners). At least 3 of the track specific courses have to be local non-Mastermath courses.
  • 50 ECTS Master Research Project in Mathematics
  • 30-34 ECTS electives, of which 0-15 ECTS free choice (course units of Master level, relevant to Mathematics, at the discretion of the Board of Examiners). The remaining ECTS must be chosen from:
- Relevant courses from the Mastermath programme (at the discretion of the Board of Examiners)
- Electives from Statistics (Contemporary Statistics with Applications WMMA015-05; Statistical Genomics (23/24) WMMA008-05; Statistical Consulting (22/23) WMMA024-05; Introduction to Data Science WMCS002-05; Statistical Signal Processing WMAS011-05; Topics in Probability and Statistics WMMA039-05; Mathematical modelling and statistical analysis of the spread of infectious diseases (23/24) WMMA061-05)
- Electives from Computational Mathematics (Computational Fluid Dynamics WMMA012-05; Iterative Algorithms WMMA057-05; Finite Element Methods and Applications WMMA051-05; Coupled Problems (22/23) WMMA052-05; Multiscale Numerical Methods (23/24) WMMA054-05; Numerical Bifurcation Analysis (23/24) WMMA055-05)
- Electives from Systems and Optimization (Robust Control WMMA021-05; Convex Analysis (22/23) WMMA060-05; Iterative Algorithms WMMA057-05; Modeling and Identification (22/23) WMMA007-05; Modeling and Control of Complex Nonlinear Engineering Systems WMMA020-05; Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control (23/24)* WMMA056-05; Evolution Equations (23/24) WMMA059-05; Data-based Analysis and Control (23/24)WMMA058-05)
- Basiscursus Master Lerarenopleiding (TEM0105) and MAsterstage 1 (TEM0205), which can only be followed together.

The total has to be at least 120 ECTS, but it should not be possible to remove one course and still have more than 120 ECTS. At the discretion of the Board of Examiners, these extra courses could be added as extracurricular.

The Research Seminar can have activities throughout the year.

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