Informatie over MSc Courses for Exchange Students: Pharmacy

Hieronder staan het programma en de vakomschrijvingen van MSc Courses for Exchange Students: Pharmacy Klik op de naam van een vak in een schema om naar de omschrijving te gaan.

hele jaar WMFA004-00Capita selecta FarmacieEngels en Nederlands
  WMFA005-00Colloquium FarmacieEngels en Nederlands
  WMFA007-05Evidence Based MedicineEngels en Nederlands5
semester I a WMFA001-00Advanced PharmacoeconomicsEngels en Nederlands5variabel
  WMMP005-05Advanced pharmacokineticsEngels5
  WMFA038-05Farmaceutische biologie practicumEngels en Nederlands5
  WMMP007-05Molecular ToxicologyEngels5
  WMMP008-05Pharmaceutical Design and EngineeringEngels5
  WMFA040-05PharmacoeconomicsEngels en Nederlands5
  WMFA041-05Pharmaco-epidemiology in PracticeEngels en Nederlands5
semester I b WMFA042-05Clinical ToxicologyEngels5
  WMFA043-05Farmaceutische biotechnologieEngels en Nederlands5
  WMFA047-05Nanomedicine and nanosafetyEngels5
  WMMP010-05Reproductive Toxicology and EpidemiologyEngels5
semester II a WMFA048-05Pharmacology of Chronic Diseases and AgeingEngels en Nederlands5
  WMFA049-05Quantitative Bioanalysis CANCELLEDEngels5
semester II b WMFA051-10Medicinale NatuurstoffenEngels en Nederlands10

o TERMS: In the Netherlands, the academic years are not only divided into semesters, but also in ‘terms’. Each semester consists of 2 terms. The 1st semester entails a term 1a and 1b (Term 1a is the 1st half of the 1st semester. Term 1b, the 2nd half of the 1st semester). Term 2a (or IIa) stands for the 1st half of the 2nd semester and 2b (or IIb) for the 2nd half of the 2nd semester.

o WORKLOAD: The strongly recommended annual study load per year consists of 60 ECTS. That is why we suggest that you take a maximum of 6 courses per semester (30 ECTS), which amounts to 3 courses (15 ECTS) per term. Attending more is very/ too demanding for most students.

o Course unit Code explanation:
W: Faculty of Science and Engineering
B/M: Bachelor/Master
FA: Pharmacy
MP: Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences
001: Serial number
-05: ECTS credits

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