Informatie over BSc Biology - Year 1

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» Jaar 1
semester I averplichtWBBY001-05Basic Cell and Molecular BiologyEngels5
 verplichtWBBY005-05Genetics, Ecology and EvolutionEngels5
semester I bverplichtWBBY014-05Biostatistics 1Engels5
 verplichtWBBY017-02First Year SymposiumEngels2
 verplichtWBBY021-03Lab CourseEngels3
semester II averplichtWBBY026-05Behavioural NeurosciencesEngels5
 verplicht EEWBBY029-05Biochemistry and Cell Biology in Ecology and EvolutionEngels5
 verplicht BN/BMS/MLWBBY033-05Cell Biology and ImmunologyEngels5
 verplicht EEWBBY038-05Evolutionary EcologyEngels5
 verplicht BN/BMS/MLWBBY047-05Molecules of LifeEngels5
semester II bverplicht EEWBBY052-05Ecophysiology of Plants and AnimalsEngels5
 verplicht BN/BMS/MLWBBY058-05MetabolismEngels5
 verplicht EEWBBY064-05Research Skills in Ecology and Evolution 1Engels5
 verplicht EEWBBY065-05Research Skills in Ecology and Evolution 2Engels5
 verplicht BN/BMS/MLWBBY066-02Research Skills in Life Sciences 1Engels2
 verplicht BN/BMS/MLWBBY067-03Research Skills in Life Sciences 2Engels3
 verplicht BN/BMS/MLWBBY068-05Research Skills in Life Sciences 3Engels5

Depending on the chosen major, the courses in period IIa and IIB differ.
The compulsory courses for each major are indicated by the following abbreviations:
EE = Ecology & Evolution
BN = Behaviour and Neurosciences
BMS = Biomedical Sciences
ML = Molecular Life Sciences

Students who want to do the major Integrative Biology can choose either the EE route or the BN/BMS/ML route.

First-year course units of the Bachelor's programme Biology are only accessible to students enrolled in the Bachelor's programme Biology. Students following other degree programmes cannot follow BSc Biology first-year course units and will be unenrolled in Progress.

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