Informatie over MSc Mathematics and Physics (double degree)

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»  Quantum Universe (40 ects)
hele jaarverplichtNAGPC-07General physics colloquiumEngels
semester I averplichtNACP-11Computational physicsEngels56
 verplichtNAGR-08General RelativityEngels5
semester I bverplichtWMAS13004Electrodynamics of Radiation ProcessesEngels5
 verplichtNAMM-12Mathematical Methods of PhysicsEngels5
 verplichtWMMA16002Mathematics and its Environment (19/20)Engels5
 verplichtWMPH15000Scientific IntegrityEngels
semester II averplichtWMPH13002Particle Physics PhenomenologyEngels5
 verplichtNASM-07Statistical mechanicsEngels5
semester II bverplichtWMPH13001Advanced Quantum MechanicsEngels5
 verplichtNASSC-09Student Seminar Quantum UniverseEngels5

In case the student is enrolled in both the Mathematics and Physics master degree programmes, the student is awarded a master’s degree in both Physics and Mathematics after completing the total programme described on this page.

The total programme comprises 160 ects, and is feasible within 2 ½ year of study:
- 90 ects of courses: 40 ects compulsory quantum universe, 10 ects optional courses Quantum Universe, 40 ects in Mathematics and Complex Dynamical Systems (part compulsory, part elective)
- 70 ects combined Physics and Mathematics research project

» Mathematics and Complex Dynamical Systems (45 ects)
semester I averplichtWMMA16000Complexity and NetworksEngels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA16003Caput Dynamical Systems and ChaosEngels5
semester I bverplichtWMMA16002Mathematics and its Environment (19/20)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA19-20CCaput Algebra and Geometry 19/20Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA14001Caput Differential GeometryEngels5
semester II akeuzegroep AWMMA14002Geometry and Differential Equations (20/21)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWMMA13000Geometry and Topology (19/20)Engels5
 keuzegroep AWIYHM-12Hamiltonian mechanicsEngels5
semester II bverplichtWMMA16001Mathematical Modeling ColloquiumEngels5
 keuzegroep AWICMF-09Caput mathematical physics (19/20)Engels5

The student needs to choose (at least) 5 out of the 7 courses of elective group A.

» Optional Courses Quantum Universe (10 ects)
semester I averplichtNALCT-10Laser cooling and trappingEngels5
 keuzeSTMCSF-12Cosmic structure formation (20/21)Engels5
 keuzeSTFEGE5Formation and evolution of galaxiesEngels5
 keuzeWMPH13009Fundamental ConstantsEngels5
 keuzeSTHEAE5High-energy astrophysics (20/21)Engels5
 keuzeWMPH13010Lie groups in PhysicsEngels5
semester I bverplichtWMMA16002Mathematics and its Environment (19/20)Engels5
 verplichtWMPH19003Quantum ExperimentsEngels5
 keuzeNAQVT-08Quantum field theoryEngels5
 keuzeWMAS18001Stars, Nucleosynthesis, and Chemical EvolutionEngels5
semester II averplichtSTGALDYNE5Dynamics of galaxies (19/20)Engels5
 verplichtWMPH19001Particle CosmologyEngels5
 keuzeWMMA14002Geometry and Differential Equations (20/21)Engels5
 keuzeWMMA13000Geometry and Topology (19/20)Engels5
 keuzeSTSPF-09Star and planet formation (20/21)Engels5
 keuzeNASMPH05EStatistical methods in physicsEngels5
semester II bverplichtNANAP-10Nuclear astrophysicsEngels5
 keuzeWMPH19002Collider ExperimentsEngels5
 keuzeNAEP-08Elementary ParticlesEngels5
 keuzeNAIPP-09Introduction to plasma physicsEngels5

The student can not choose the courses Geometry & Differential Equations or Geometry & Topology for the catagory Optional Courses Quantum Universe if these courses are already chosen as part of the category Mathematics and Complex Dynamical Systems.

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