Informatie over BSc Courses for Exchange Students: Engineering: Biomedical-Industrial-Mechanical

Hieronder staan het programma en de vakomschrijvingen van BSc Courses for Exchange Students: Engineering: Biomedical-Industrial-Mechanical Klik op de naam van een vak in een schema om naar de omschrijving te gaan.

semester I averplichtWBBE003-05Biomedical InstrumentationEngels5
 verplichtWBIE003-05Calculus 1 (for IEM)Engels5
  WBBE027-05Design of Biomedical Products 1Engels5
  WBIE005-05Global Supply ChainEngels5
  WBIE013-05Outlining and Implementing Innovation StrategyEngels5
  WBIE008-05Programming, Modelling and SimulationEngels5
 verplichtWBBE033-05Python and Numerical MethodsEngels5
semester I b WBBE024-05Anatomy and PhysiologyEngels5
 verplichtWBBE035-05Cell Biology and ImmunologyEngels5
 verplichtWBBE008-03Designing biomedical products 2Engels3
 verplichtWBBE032-05Electricity and MagnetismEngels5
 verplichtWBBE034-02Ethics 2: Biomedical EthicsEngels2
 verplichtWBIE009-05Linear Algebra (for IEM)Engels5
  WBBE005-05Material ScienceEngels5
  WMIE030-05Mechatronics (for BME)Engels5
  WBIE012-05Organizational Behaviour and Group DynamicsEngels5variabel
  WBIE014-05Production Planning and Quality ControlEngels5
  WBIE016-05System DynamicsEngels5variabel
semester II averplichtWBIE017-05Calculus 2 (for IEM)Engels5
  WBIE018-05Design and Construction for IEMEngels5
  WBBE030-02Ethics 1: Philosophy of Science & Scientific IntegrityEngels2
 verplichtWBBE012-05Imaging Techniques in Radiology 1Engels5
  WBIE022-05Management AccountingEngels5
  WBIE023-05Materials and MoleculesEngels5
 verplichtWBIE024-05Mechanics for IEMEngels5
  WBIE025-05Modelling and Analysis of Complex NetworksEngels5
  WBBE028-03Physics Lab for BMEEngels3
  WBIE028-05Product Technology (IEM)Engels5
  WBIE029-05Reactor EngineeringEngels5
  WBIE030-05Signals and SystemsEngels5
  WBBE025-05Statistics 1 for BMEEngels5
  WBIE031-05Technical Thermodynamics (IEM)Engels5
 verplichtWBBE040-05Waves and Optics for BMEEngels5
semester II bverplichtWBBE038-05Biological PhysicsEngels5
  WBBE007-05Biomaterials 1Engels5
  WBIE033-05Computer Aided Design and ManufacturingEngels5
  WBIE034-05Control EngineeringEngels5
  WBIE004-05Fluid DynamicsEngels5
  WBIE036-05Gas-Liquid Mass TransferEngels5
  WBIE050-05Industrial MarketingEngels5
  WBBE029-05Linear Algebra for BMEEngels5
  WBIE039-05Process Design and EquipmentEngels5
  WBIE040-05Production TechniquesEngels5
 verplichtWBBE023-05Transport in Biological SystemsEngels5
  WBIE042-05Transport Phenomena 2Engels5

o TERMS: In the Netherlands, the academic years are not only divided into semesters, but also in ‘terms’. Each semester consists of 2 terms. The 1st semester entails a term 1a and 1b (Term 1a is the 1st half of the 1st semester. Term 1b, the 2nd half of the 1st semester). Term 2a (or IIa) stands for the 1st half of the 2nd semester and 2b (or IIb) for the 2nd half of the 2nd semester.

o WORKLOAD: The strongly recommended annual study load per year consists of 60 ECTS. That is why we suggest that you take a maximum of 6 courses per semester (30 ECTS), which amounts to 3 courses (15 ECTS) per term. Attending more is very/ too demanding for most students.

o Course unit Code explanation:
W: Faculty of Science and Engineering
B/M: Bachelor/Master
BE: Biomedical Engineering
IE: Industrial Engineering and Management
ME: Mechanical Engineering
001: Serial number
-05: ECTS credits

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