Informatie over BSc Courses for Exchange Students: Astronomy - Physics - Energy & Environment

Hieronder staan het programma en de vakomschrijvingen van BSc Courses for Exchange Students: Astronomy - Physics - Energy & Environment Klik op de naam van een vak in een schema om naar de omschrijving te gaan.

semester IPhysics / Applied Ph ...WPPH16006Mechanics and RelativityEngels10
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH19001Thermal PhysicsEngels10
semester I aPhysics / Applied Ph ...NAATMOL-12Atoms and MoleculesEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH17006Building Blocks of MatterEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH17001Computational Methods in Science and TechnologyEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH17007Einstein’s UniverseEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAISG-12Ionizing Radiation in MedicineEngels5
 AstronomyNAMATK-09Materials Science and EngineeringEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAKE-12Nuclear EnergyEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH17002Nuclear PhysicsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH13001Physical and Chemical KineticsEngels5
 AstronomyWBAS18001Planetary SystemsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAKF1-11Quantum Physics 1Engels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NASM-08Solid MechanicsEngels5
 AstronomySTSMT-09Space Mission TechnologyEngels5
 AstronomyWBAS17002Statistics for AstronomyEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH17005The Quantum WorldEngels5
semester I bPhysics / Applied Ph ...NAAM-12Advanced MechanicsEngels5
 AstronomyWBAS15001Cosmic OriginsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAGE-10Geo-EnergyEngels5
 AstronomySTISTK-10Introduction AstronomyEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WPPH19003Introduction to Energy & EnvironmentEngels5
 AstronomyWBAS14001Introduction to Radio AstronomyEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAMATK-12Materials ScienceEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WPPH19001Medical Physics & BiophysicsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAMB-11Molecular BiophysicsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WPPH16009NanophysicsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NANPNT-12Nanophysics and NanotechnologyEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NANP4-12Physics Laboratory 4Engels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAITEN-10Physics of Modern TechnologyEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WPPH16008Physics of the Quantum UniverseEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAPMS-12Principles of Measurement SystemsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NASSPI-08Solid State Physics 1Engels5
 AstronomySTBASP-12Statistical Signal ProcessingEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NABBSP05ESubatomic PhysicsEngels5
 AstronomySTEHE5The Evolving UniverseEngels56
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAGO-11Waves and OpticsEngels5
semester IIPhysics / Applied Ph ...WPPH16001Electricity and MagnetismEngels10
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH17003Structure of MatterEngels10
semester II aPhysics / Applied Ph ...WBPH15000Air PollutionEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAASPH-12Astroparticle physicsEngels5
 AstronomySTAF3E5Astrophysical HydrodynamicsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NADP-12Device physicsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAELS-11Electronics and Signal ProcessingEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAEUG-12Energy from GasEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH18002Experimental Particle PhysicsEngels5
 AstronomySTISME5Interstellar mediumEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NANPNF-12Nanoprobing and NanofabricationEngels5
 AstronomyWBAS17001Numerical MethodsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH17008Physics, Astronomy, Ethics, and SocietyEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAPF-12Physics of FluidsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NARQM-12Relativistic Quantum MechanicsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NASM1-11Structure of Matter 1Engels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NASYPH-12Symmetry in PhysicsEngels5
semester II bAstronomySTBACHO15Astronomy Bachelor Research ProjectEngels15
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NABOTN-09Bachelor Research Project Applied PhysicsEngels15
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPM17001Bachelor Research Project (double BSc Physics+Maths)Engels20
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NABBBO15EBachelor Research Project PhysicsEngels15
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NAKSA-11Climate System and AtmosphereEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...WBPH15001Mathematical PhysicsEngels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NANP2-10Physics Laboratory 2Engels5
 Physics / Applied Ph ...NANP3-11Physics Laboratory 3Engels5
 AstronomySTPOG-09Physics of GalaxiesEngels5
 AstronomySTFVSE5Physics of StarsEngels5
 AstronomyNAKF2-11Quantum Physics 2Engels5

o TERMS: In the Netherlands, the academic years are not only divided into semesters, but also in ‘terms’. Each semester consists of 2 terms. The 1st semester entails a term 1a and 1b (Term 1a is the 1st half of the 1st semester. Term 1b, the 2nd half of the 1st semester). Term 2a (or IIa) stands for the 1st half of the 2nd semester and 2b (or IIb) for the 2nd half of the 2nd semester.

o WORKLOAD: The strongly recommended annual study load per year consists of 60 ECTS. That is why we suggest that you take a maximum of 6 courses per semester (30 ECTS), which amounts to 3 courses (15 ECTS) per term. Attending more is very/ too demanding for most students.

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