Informatie over MSc Chemistry

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»  Core programme
hele jaarverplichtWMCH001-05ColloquiumEngels5
 verplichtWMCH002-05Final ExamEngels5
 verplichtWMCH901-40Master Research Project ChemistryEngels40
 verplichtWMCH903-20Second Research ProjectEngels20
semester I averplichtWMCH006-05Reaction MechanismsEngels5
 verplichtWMCH007-00Scientific IntegrityEngels
 verplichtWMCH008-05Structure determination with spectroscopic methodsEngels5

Students are recommended to follow one of the specialisations listed below:
(For course descriptions see table below)

1. Catalysis in Chemistry
Chemical Catalysis
Biocatalysis and Green Chemistry
Organic Chemistry: Methods and Strategy 1
Organometallic Chemistry

2. Advanced Synthesis
Organic Chemistry: Methods and Strategy 1
Organic Chemistry: Methods and Strategy 2
Chemical Catalysis

3. Synthesis & Chemical Biology
Advances in Chemical Biology
Synthetic Biology and System Chemistry
Organic Chemistry: Methods and Strategy 1
Organic Chemistry: Methods and Strategy 2

4. Supramolecular Chemistry
Supramolecular Chemistry
Bioinspired Designer Materials
Organic Chemistry: Methods and Strategy 1

5. Polymer Chemistry
Bioinspired Designer Materials
Polymer Physics
Polymer Products
Practical Physical Chemistry of Polymers

6. Organometallic Chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry
Physical Methods in Chemical Analysis
Chemical Catalysis
Computational Chemistry or MQM 1

7. Theoretical Chemistry and Modelling
Molecular Quantum chemistry 1
Molecular Quantum chemistry 2
Computational Chemistry
Topics in Chemistry with Python

8. Solid State materials and Sustainable energy
Structure at Macro, Meso and Nanoscale
Functional Properties
Physical Methods for Chemical Analysis
Sustainable Electric Energy Storage

9. Chemical Biology
Biocatalysis and Green Chemistry
Synthetic Biology &Systems Chemistry
Advances in Chemical Biology
Organic Chemistry: Methods and Strategy 1

10. Protein Biochemistry
Molecular Dynamics
Protein and enzyme engineering
Biocatalysis and Green Chemistry
Synthetic Biology & Systems Chemistry

  • Students who wish to follow an open program must submit their program for approval including confirmation of the program’s coherence and sufficient coverage of the Eindtermen of the Masters Chemistry program.
  • Students who wish to follow an open program must contact the Programme Director within the first 6 months of their MSc registration, to prepare an application for their program which has to be submitted for approval to the Board of Examiners.
The Board of Examiners will grant the request for an open degree programme where the proposed program:
- covers the Learning Outcomes of the Masters Chemistry program sufficiently
- shows a clear overall coherence.
  • Before completion of the Master Research Project the student must have followed the compulsory module on scientific integrity. It is advisable for the student to follow this module at the earliest opportunity during the overall master period.
  • Students could attend a case study extra-curricular. The course code WMCH031-05-Case Study could be selected in Progress, for requesting bul.

» Courses available for specializations
semester I averplichtWMCE001-05Bio-based ProductsEngels5
 verplichtWMBE001-05Biomaterials 2Engels5
 verplichtWMCE003-05Interfacial engineeringEngels5
 verplichtWMBS003-05Molecular DynamicsEngels5
 verplichtWMCH032-05Photochemistry and Photoredox catalysisEngels5
 verplichtWMBS004-05Protein and Enzyme EngineeringEngels5
 verplichtWMEC006-05Skills in Science CommunicationEngels5
semester I bverplichtWMBS008-05Advanced Protein CrystallographyEngels5
 verplichtWMCH027-05Biocatalysis and Green ChemistryEngels5
 verplichtWMCH009-05Bioinspired Designer MaterialsEngels5
 verplichtWMCH010-05Molecular Quantum Mechanics 1Engels5
 verplichtWMCH011-05Photovoltaics Science and EnergyEngels5
 verplichtWMCH012-05Physical Methods for Chemical AnalysisEngels5
 verplichtWMCE005-05Polymer productsEngels5
 verplichtWMPH051-05Properties of Functional MaterialsEngels5
 verplichtWMPH020-05Structure at Macro, Meso and Nano ScaleEngels5
semester II averplichtWMCH014-05Advances in Chemical BiologyEngels5
 verplichtWMPH021-05Characterisation of MaterialsEngels5
 verplichtWMCH015-05Chemical CatalysisEngels5
 verplichtWMCE009-05Design of Industrial CatalystsEngels5
 verplichtWMCH016-05Molecular Quantum Mechanics 2Engels5
 verplichtWMCH017-05Organic Synthesis: Methods and Strategy 1Engels5
 verplichtWMCH018-05Organometallic ChemistryEngels5
 verplichtWMCE011-05Product Focused Process DesignEngels5
 verplichtWMCH020-05Supramolecular chemistryEngels5
 verplichtWMCH029-05Sustainable Electric Energy StorageEngels5
 verplichtWMCH021-05Synthetic Biology and Systems ChemistryEngels5
 verplichtWMCH028-05Topics in chemistry with PythonEngels5
semester II bverplichtWMAS018-05Astrochemistry (23/24)Engels5
 verplichtWMPH047-05Biophysical Imaging & Manipulation TechniquesEngels5
 verplichtWMCH022-05Computational ChemistryEngels5
 verplichtWMCH024-05Organic Synthesis, Methods and Strategy 2Engels5
 verplichtWMCH025-05Polymer PhysicsEngels5
 verplichtWMCH030-05Practical Physical Chemistry of PolymersEngels5

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