Informatie over MSc Marine Biology: Science, Business and Policy

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» Track Science, Business and Policy
hele jaarverplichtWMMB001-05ColloquiumEngels5
 verplichtWMMB901-40Research Project 1Engels40
semester IverplichtWMSE002-10Introduction Science and PolicyEngels1040
semester I averplichtWMSE001-10Introduction Science and BusinessEngels10
 verplichtWMMB003-05Principles of Biological OceanographyEngels5
 verplichtWMMB004-05Principles of Marine BiologyEngels540
semester I bverplichtWMMB005-05Principles of Population Genetics in Natural PopulationsEngels5
 verplichtWMSE902-40Work Placement Business and PolicyEngels en Nederlands40

This on line catalogue is primarily designed to contain descriptions of programmes and course units. Students design their two year individual programme in consultation with their mentor. All possibilities and the rules for an individual programme can be found on the student portal. Although the courses are sorted per half semester it does not give an accurate programme in time. Please consult the schedule for each course unit and the student portal for a year schedule.

If you wish to work on your computer skills, for example in R, SPSS or Excel, please use the offered CIT courses:

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