Research Methodology

Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode WMIE004-05
Vaknaam Research Methodology
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I a
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Rooster Ia,IIa

Uitgebreide vaknaam Research Methodology
Leerdoelen For specific IEM engineering design requirements specified below, upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:
1. Set-up and discuss methodology on IEM type of assignments and projects.
2. Investigate the existing body of work in a certain interdisciplinary area, to make a literature review, resulting in appropriate research questions and an adequate conceptual model for solving design issues.
3. The ability to analyze generic systems complexity and to tackle emergent behavior, related to a socio-technical approach. If adequate, set-up a problem definition consisting of problem and stakeholder analysis.
4. Set-up an adequate definition of goal and scope of an IEM design assignment, including a discussion on the required output. Students should be able to translate design output requirements to a specific design method, including requests on generalization of design results (reflective cycle, academic paper) or extrapolation of experimental work for usage in other applications.
5. Plan and define methods and tools for research work to validate design decisions. If appropriate, set-up and evaluation of experimental design procedures for acquiring experimental data should be included. These type of assignments can be expected to be part of a Master IEM Research Project. Both for a business context and in case of natural sciences, students should be able to define, perform and evaluate experiments to assemble data for testing models which eventually are applied to validate design decisions.
6. Show insight in relevant philosophy of science related to IEM design assignments and apply professional and ethical responsibilities from an IEM perspective.
All work should be consistent from an academic and professional perspective, that is,
• students should apply academic analytical thinking as expressed in reasoning and accuracy in written reports and oral presentations
• a professional engineering attitude, directed to deliver a reliable outline design
Omschrijving IEM methodology aims to select the best applicable or useful method for solving an IEM type of design assignment or project. A typical IEM engineering design is characterized by an initial usually broad scope and goal in a technological oriented business setting, which usually requires a thorough design goal definition including stakeholder analysis. In general two different paths are possible, development of theory (explaining) or developing artefacts (it works as it is). An academic attitude is expressed in fact-finding by literature search, interviews and experimental work if needed. The course will provide a guide for exploration and understanding of the discipline of engineering systems starting from a socio-technical approach.
The course unit practice to set-up a discussion in the field of IEM methodology as a preparation for the two large final projects in Master IEM, Research Project and Design Project. In four weeks, students full-time work in groups on assignments and group case work. In the first two weeks, Monday to Thursday starts at 900 h with lecturing on specific topics, as an introduction to assignments, which are finalized at the end of the day. Friday is scheduled for repair (if necessary). In the last two weeks groups work on a case. At 900 h, each day starts with an introduction. During the week, question hours are planned with supervisors. Thursday week 3 and 4 are scheduled for presentations, Friday is again for repair.
Uren per week
Onderwijsvorm Hoorcollege (LC), Opdracht (ASM), Practisch werk (PRC), Werkcollege (T)
(Total hours of lectures: 16 hours, tutorials/practicals: 48 hours, group case: 64-76 hours)
Toetsvorm Opdracht (AST), Presentatie (P), Verslag (R)
Vaksoort master
Coördinator dr. ing. H. Kloosterman
Docent(en) dr. A.J. Bosch ,dr. ir. A.A. Geertsema ,dr. ing. H. Kloosterman ,ir. T.M. Kousemaker
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Course reader and Nestor
Entreevoorwaarden The course unit assumes prior knowledge acquired from a previous study on IEM Methodology, e.g. Business System Design of IEM Bachelor RUG, or related course units. If the prior knowledge is not adequate, students should follow a repair program.
Opmerkingen RM is finalized with a final group report and presentation. Both report and presentation should cover all relevant topics concerning RM, including goal specification, KOR/POR discussion, relevant research and design methods and design and research planning, in order to obtain required output. The report is expected to have at least 20 pages text (common layout). The presentation is 20 minutes in the presence of at least two RM teachers, after which each group member is questioned individually. Also students from the audience are expected to address questions to the presenting students.

Criteria to set-up case:
- cases are characterized with a brief description of problem, context, and initial statement
- starting point is a problem statement as settled by the management
- then, as a first step students are expected to search for data which is needed to specify problem statement, including requirements of stakeholders
- usually master theses can function as a appropriate source of data

Assessment is on the final group report and presentation. Key elements in the assessment are:
- methodology, that is, the ability to discuss adequate IEM methods
- ability to adequately solve an assignment related to daily practice (context), taking into account the complexity of business/research context
- reflecting on outcomes using relevant issues in philosophy of science
- reporting in a concise, and clear academic report, both in a written report, and orally.
In the final assessment, individual group members are evaluated on their contribution to the group work.

Contact: J.E. van Rooij-Oldenboom (secretary IEM Design Group) (050-3638428)

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