Stage Wetenschapscommunicatie

Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2020/21
Vakcode WMEC001-05
Vaknaam Stage Wetenschapscommunicatie
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels en Nederlands
Periode hele jaar

Uitgebreide vaknaam Stage Wetenschapscommunicatie
Leerdoelen At the end of the course, the student is able to:
1. relatively independently develop a product in the field of science communication that matches its target group and communication aims or to make a contribution in the field of science communication for a professional organization
2. demonstrate the basic skills that are necessary to work in or for a professional organization in the field of science communication
3. reflect on the client organization and its position in the field of science communication, incl. scientific and professional integrity
4. understand his/her own development as a science communication professional, incl. scientific and professional integrity
Omschrijving The Science Communication Internship aims to prepare students for the professional practice of science communication. The internship must broaden or deepen the knowledge acquired in previous course units and must differ from the External Science Communication Project.
The initiative for an internship proposal can come from either the student or a lecturer. A final internship proposal will be approved by two core lecturers when it has a sufficient academic level (independent implementation, learning effects, etc.). Whether or not
students have sufficient qualifications to implement the internship will also be checked. A prerequisite is that supervision from within the team of lecturers must be possible.
The supervision is in the hands of two lecturers, one of whom will do the daily supervision. One of these lecturers may be from a different degree programme.
Uren per week
Onderwijsvorm Practisch werk (PRC)
Toetsvorm Opdracht (AST), Verslag (R)
(Product or Report of Activities (40%); Reflection on Substantiation (20%) and Attitude (40%;) Each of the partial marks must be at least 5.5. If the product is assigned a fail, the student must make necessary improvements. If one of the other points is assigned a fail, the student must revise his/her reflection report. A deadline of no more than three months applies to both revisions, and the new mark for the relevant assessment point can be no higher than 6. Alternative: new internship)
Vaksoort master
Coördinator dr. H.A.J. Mulder
Docent(en) prof. dr. L. Avraamidou ,prof. dr. M.J. Goedhart ,drs. L.T.J. Kraan ,dr. H.A.J. Mulder ,dr. F.H.C.E. van der Graaf ,dr. C.S. Vlek
Entreevoorwaarden Students are expected to have acquired the necessary prior knowledge in the course units Science Communication Skills, Science Education and Communication Design and the Scientific Research Project.
Opmerkingen The internship may be expanded to 15 ECTS.
The ECTS may be used in the elective space of the EC Master.
In the case of an internship an internship contract will be drawn up.
Students will be given a mark by the two supervisors, who will consult the client(s).
Marks will only be awarded once the portfolio for the course unit is in order.
For more information see the Nestor page for the External Project course unit. Contact Dr Mulder at least two months in advance to arrange a brainstorming meeting.

This course was registered last year with course code WMEC13002
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MSc Science Education and Communication: Communicatie  (Elective course units) 2 hele jaar keuze
MSc Science Education and Communication: Educatie  (Elective course units) 2 hele jaar keuze