Research Project 1

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Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode WMBS901-40
Vaknaam Research Project 1
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode hele jaar

Uitgebreide vaknaam Research Project 1
Leerdoelen After the master research project a student is, under limited supervision, able to:
a. design, plan and conduct a scientific research project
b. find, select and interpret relevant scientific literature
c. organize and correctly interpret data collected during the project
d. write a scientific report on the project
e. defend project findings and conclusion in a meeting
f. act in an ethical, scientific, professional fashion

In a research project experimental and/or theoretical and/or descriptive scientific research is carried out on a biological, biomedical, medical or pharmaceutical subject at the University, a company* or a government organization*. The research project aims to provide experience in each of the stages of research: planning, data collection, analysis, writing and presentation. After successful completion of the research project a student is able to conduct experimental research under limited supervision.
Omschrijving Students individually chooses the project and preparation of the work is done in agreement with the supervisor. A research project should be carried out under the direct supervision of an examiner. An examiner is a permanent member of the academic staff of the FSE or the UMCG, appointed by the Board of Examiners (see list of examiners on the student portal).
The second research project should cover a different subject and should be supervised by a different supervisor. Only a second research project can be carried out outside the research institutes related to the master degree programmes (for example abroad). A staff member appointed by the Board of Examiners always carries the formal responsibility for external research projects and is responsible for the final assessment.

The resulting report states the problem investigated, the methods used, the results obtained and their analysis, and discusses the findings. The report should aim to be at the quality level of an international journal publication* (and may indeed eventually be submitted for publication via a research assignment). Students will be encouraged to place the work in the perspective of the current state of affairs in the respective scientific subfield of the degree program. Detailed instructions about the research projects 1 and 2 can be found on the student portal.

Half way the research project, the formal midterm review of the research project aims to verify if the project is performed according to plan. It is the student’s responsibility to make an appointment with the supervisor for this midterm review. If a student encounters difficulties of any kind during the research project the academic advisor should be informed in time. If there is a need to adjust the study load of the project, the midterm review is the one and only moment to arrange extensions of 5-10 EC.

(* only possible when the project is the second research project)
Uren per week
(Students work under limited supervision in a research group and contribute to the research effort of the research group.)
Vaksoort master
Opmerkingen You do not need to enroll for the research project via ProgressWWW.
Please consult the Student Portal for the master programme Biomolecular Sciences for more information and how to request permission for your research project.

(1)Research skills and practical work, (2) theoretical skills, (3) written report and (4) oral presentation usually contribute to the final grade for 20%, 30%, 40%, 10%, respectively. The relative contribution to the final grade can only be different when communicated at the start of the project.

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