Research Project Integrative Biology 1

Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode WBBY907-10
Vaknaam Research Project Integrative Biology 1
Niveau(s) bachelor
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II a

Uitgebreide vaknaam Research Project Integrative Biology 1
Leerdoelen At the end of the course, the student is able to:
1. find, select and interpret relevant scientific literature
2. develop a project plan and design experiments
3. record, organize, analyze and interpret the data
4. write a scientific report on the research project
5. present project findings in a meeting
6. discuss project findings and field of research with peers and supervisors
7. act in an ethical, scientific, professional fashion
Omschrijving Students choose a Bachelor’s Research Project from an overview of possible topics within the major. The topics are grouped in clusters. Two students are assigned to one project and will conduct the experiments together under the guidance of one or more supervisors. First, after meeting with their supervisor(s), receiving an overview of the project and start-up literature, the students will start developing a project plan. This entails individual work on writing an introduction to the project and a research proposal. The proposals of both students are discussed together with the supervisor and a final version of a project plan is designed. The students execute the experiments as a team to collect and analyze the data. The findings are presented during a final meeting of all projects in the cluster and the conclusions are discussed with fellow students and the associated supervisors. Each student writes a scientific report on the Bachelor’s Research Project, in which the material and methods as well as the results can be shared between the two team members, whereas the introduction and discussion are individually composed.
Uren per week
Onderwijsvorm Hoorcollege (LC), Practisch werk (PRC)
(See 'remarks'-section below)
Toetsvorm Practisch werk (PR), Presentatie (P), Verslag (R)
(Final grade is based on the quality of the practical work (40%), report (40%) and final presentation (20%))
Vaksoort bachelor
Coördinator dr. E. Geuverink
Entreevoorwaarden All students need to have obtained the following entrance conditions:
- a total of 90 ECTS;
- including the propaedeutic phase of the bachelor programme Biology;
- excluding minor programme.

In case a student wants to follow a research project in the area of Ecology & Evolution, the student needs to have obtained a pass for the course "Biostatistics 2" as well.

This research project is not accessible to students from other programmes than the Bachelor's programme Biology. Students from other degree programmes will be unenrolled in Progress.
Opmerkingen Teaching method:
5h will be spent on introductory/background lectures or seminars, 35-55h will be spent on collecting and reading background literature, developing the research questions, planning the experiments and writing an introduction to the project, 140-180h will be spent on conducting the experiments and analyzing the data, 60-80h will be spent on interpreting the results, writing the report, preparing the oral presentation, and participating in group discussions and/or tutor groups during the project period.

Questions about the research project, contact Elzemiek Geuverink.
Opgenomen in
Opleiding Jaar Periode Type
BSc Biology: major Integrative Biology  (Option B: students who follow Res. Project 1 within the major EE) 3 semester II a verplicht
BSc Biology: major Integrative Biology  (Option A: students who follow Res. Project 1 within the majors BMS, MLS, or BN) 3 semester II a verplicht