Molecules of Life

Faculteit Science and Engineering
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode WBBY047-05
Vaknaam Molecules of Life
Niveau(s) propedeuse
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II a

Uitgebreide vaknaam Molecules of Life
Leerdoelen At the end of the course, the student is able to:
1) Identify different types of molecules, biomolecules (e.g. proteins, peptides, lipids), and functional groups.
2) Draw the structures and resonance structures of simple molecules.
3) Evaluate differences in properties (e.g. reactivity, stability) of molecules on the basis of their structure.
4) Identify intra- and intermolecular interactions in molecules and biomolecules.
5) Explain the mechanisms of simple (bio)chemical and (bio)catalyzed reactions.
6) Illustrate the concepts of reaction order, reaction rate and coordinate diagrams.
7) Describe the kinetics of enzyme catalyzed reactions in a qualitative and quantitative.
Omschrijving The basic concepts and knowledge on the topic of (organic) chemistry and biochemistry is covered. This lecture is aimed at supporting other molecular-oriented courses and as a preparation for the lectures in bio-organic chemistry and metabolism.

The following topics are discussed:
1) Molecular structure and bonding
2) Representation of molecular structures
3) Primary, secondary and tertiary structures of proteins
4) Introduction to reactivity and enzymatic reactions
5) Chemical kinetics and thermodynamics
6) Substitution reactions
7) Reactions of carbonyl groups
Uren per week
Onderwijsvorm Hoorcollege (LC), Werkcollege (T)
(LC: 36 hrs, T: 22 hrs)
Toetsvorm Schriftelijk tentamen (WE)
(WE: 100%: Students must score equal or more than 55 points on the written exam to pass the course.)
Vaksoort bachelor
Coördinator C. Mayer, PhD.
Docent(en) dr. S.B. Beil , C. Mayer, PhD.
Verplichte literatuur
Titel Auteur ISBN Prijs
Organic Chemistry, Global Edition 8th 2017 Paula Yurkanis Bruice 9781292160436
Biochemistry 9th 2015 Jeremy M. Berg, Lubert Stryer, John L.Tymoczko, Gregory J. Gatto 9781319153939
Entreevoorwaarden With a focus on the structure and reactivity of molecules, this course is the first one of its kind in the curriculum and does not assume prior knowledge in this respect from other courses in the programme. However, introductory courses in Microbiology and Basic Cell and Molecular Biology should provide a sound foundation of the existence of molecules and their importance in metabolism.

This course unit is only accessible to students enrolled in the Bachelor's programmes Biology or old curriculum Life Science & Technology. Students following other degree programmes cannot follow this course unit and will be unenrolled in Progress.
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