Media & Technology

Faculteit University College Groningen
Jaar 2019/20
Vakcode UCG1AC09
Vaknaam Media & Technology
Niveau(s) propedeuse
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I a
(dit vak wordt ook buiten deze periode aangeboden; zie opmerkingen)

Uitgebreide vaknaam Media & Technology
Leerdoelen 1. Students will learn to analyse and interpret works in media theory and philosophy of technology.
2. Students will learn to research, formulate, and analyse relationship(s) between technology, media, society, and self.
Omschrijving This course offers students an introduction to basic concepts in both philosophy of technology and media theory via a series of case studies. By looking at objects and systems like urban spaces, scientific laboratories, and news media, we will examine how social, cultural, political, and epistemic norms can be changed or “mediated” by new technologies.
Uren per week 4
Onderwijsvorm Journal Club, Practical, Seminar, Study Group, Tutorial
Toetsvorm Assignments, Essay, Group Project, Presentation
Vaksoort bachelor
Coördinator dr. R.M. Wittingslow
Docent(en) dr. R.M. Wittingslow
Verplichte literatuur
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Opmerkingen Course can be taken either in block 1 or 2.
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Opleiding Jaar Periode Type
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