Project year 1

Faculteit University College Groningen
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode UCG1AC01
Vaknaam Project year 1
Niveau(s) bachelor
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II

Uitgebreide vaknaam Project year 1
Leerdoelen Students are able to:
Along with giving students opportunities to fulfill the UCG learning objectives, Y1 projects in particular help students understand what a project is, and how a project is managed from start to finish. Students should experience how project-based learning builds on other kinds of learning, as well as what the project format can and cannot do. Y1 project students should be encouraged to be patient with themselves and others in stressful situations, to take risks, to be enterprising, curious, and committed, and to be determined in the face of complex problems.

By the end of the Y1 project, students should be able to effectively narrate the project process to an audience, and persuasively communicate recommendations for addressing a complex problem.

Y1 students are responsible not only for project content, but also for developing the leadership skills necessary to plan and assume greater levels of responsibility in future projects in Years 2 and 3. All students are expected to demonstrate professionalism in collaborating, in project management skills, and in self-organization. Students (and supervisors, as needed) are trained in workshops to collaborate, and to manage projects from start to finish.
Omschrijving The heart of the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at UCG is the Academic Skills and Projects learning line

This learning line runs through the three years of your degree and will teach you to discover, apply, and integrate knowledge and understanding from diverse disciplinary domains to address complex societal problems. This learning line has a strong focus on innovation and you’ll learn to synthesize existing knowledge in new ways using creativity and imagination.

Within the first year of the Academic Skills and Projects programme (Creating Horizons) the emphasis lies on asking questions about societal issues, relating these questions to academic disciplines, and using your imagination and creativity to come to potential (interdisciplinary) solutions. The chosen societal issues can be related to the excursions offered in the course or initiated by you, the student community.

In project group meetings we will focus on the development of creative thinking and academic curiosity. Much attention is given to critically appraising sources of knowledge, sensing - looking and listening - and identifying big problems. Input from academic sources, artistic and creative practitioners, as well as societal stakeholders (such as policy makers, entrepreneurs) is essential for developing these skills. You will reflect upon how these experts identify and eventually respond to the problems and challenges of society. In addition you will learn to understand and reflect on your own individual progress and on your contribution to group work and the community.

As a project group, you will work on several small projects and towards the end of the year on a larger group project. This group project consists of a critical reflection on a societal issue from various academic and non-academic perspectives, the first steps towards its solution, and a self-chosen creative (artistic) translation of this solution. At the end of the year, your group’s project will be presented to a broad audience of peer students, academics, practitioners and other key stakeholders at an annual exhibition.

In addition, you will work on individual assignments during the year. The results will be compiled into your personal portfolio. In your portfolio you will also keep track of your learning aims and study progress within the first year of the UCG programme. It will serve as a point of departure for the intermediate evaluations with your tutor and contribute to motivated choices in the design of your further study programme.
Uren per week variabel
Onderwijsvorm Seminar, Study Group, Tutorial
Toetsvorm Assignments, Group Project, Participation
Vaksoort bachelor
Coördinator mr. D.J. Beynon
Docent(en) S. Bergink, PhD. ,mr. D.J. Beynon ,dr. M.E. Counihan , J.R. Doornbos, MSc. ,dr. M. Ioannou, PhD. , L.M. Kapinga , F. Lewis, PhD. ,dr. T. Nowak , E.E. Scheele, MA. ,dr. T. van Dorsten ,dr. M.L. Wilders ,dr. R.M. Wittingslow
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Reader Skills & Projects
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Liberal Arts and Sciences  (Year 1) - semester II verplicht