Healing, Possession and Illness

Faculteit Godgeleerdheid en Godsdienstwetenschap
Jaar 2019/20
Vakcode THM-HPI
Vaknaam Healing, Possession and Illness
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I b
Rooster rooster.rug.nl

Uitgebreide vaknaam Healing, Possession and Illness
Leerdoelen After successfully completing this course, the students are able to:
  • Describe and understand the phenomena of possession, healing and illness in religious and secular contexts
  • Analyze these phenomena by using interdisciplinary perspectives (anthropology, sociology, psychology, psychiatry) on culture and embodiment
  • Critically discuss these phenomena within their cultural and societal context
  • Analyze controversies around the themes of healing and illness within religious and secular contexts
  • Critically reflect on the ethical dilemmas that may occur in a situation of medical pluralism
Omschrijving This course focuses on the phenomena of possession, healing and illness as the sites where culture and embodiment become entangled. Most societies are characterized by medical pluralism: people have different ideas of what constitutes illness, and what may cause or heal it. Moreover, illness manifests itself differently cross-culturally. How can we understand this variety? On the basis of theoretical insights from medical anthropology, the sociology of health and illness, and cultural psychology and psychiatry, we critically discuss medical and religious discourses and practices. Moreover, we analyze the functional differentiation between the medical (the secular) and the religious to unpick controversies around healing and illness. During the course, students will select one monograph that provides an in depth study related to the themes of possession, healing and illness, present on this to the other students and write a critical review of the monograph.
Uren per week 3
Onderwijsvorm lectures and seminars
Toetsvorm assignments, final paper, presentation(s)
Docent(en) dr. B.M.H.P. Mathijssen
Verplichte literatuur
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Literature will be announced later.
Opmerkingen Research master students, have a different course code:THRM-HPI. For these students there will be formulated an extra assignment. For exact assessment components please consult the study guide.
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Exchange programme: mastermodules 1 semester I b keuzegroep
Ma Programme Religion, Health and Wellbeing - Ethics and diversity 1 semester I b keuzegroep
Ma Programme Theology and Religious Studies (Research) 2 semester I b keuzegroep
Ma Programme Theology and Religious Studies (Research) 1 semester I b keuzegroep