Talent Development & Creativity in Practice

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Jaar 2020/21
Vakcode PSMDB-1
Vaknaam Talent Development & Creativity in Practice
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I b
Rooster rooster.rug.nl

Uitgebreide vaknaam Talent Development & Creativity in Practice
Leerdoelen After this course:
- Students can analyze policies to stimulate talent and creativity in different domains, such as sports, education, business, and arts
- Students can describe the scientific background of the policies to develop talent and creativity in different achievement domains
- Students can formulate challenges in the relation between policy about stimulation of talent and creativity and implementation in the field at issue
- Students are able to critically reflect on the policies to develop talent and creativity in practice, and to present their advice on these policies as well as their implementation, based on a scientific framework
Omschrijving Schools, sports clubs, companies, conservatories, and many more organizations and institutions are currently investing in the assessment, selection, and development of talent and creativity of their pupils, athletes, employees, etc. In this course, lectures will be given by experts working in these different fields. The policies to stimulate talent and creativity in practice institutions will be discussed, as well as how policies are implemented. Topics that will be addressed range from assessment techniques to the role of the coach, mentor, or teacher, and other environmental and psychological factors. Based on scientific literature, students will evaluate the policies of an institution (school, sports club, company, or another kind of institution) in the form of a paper. In addition, students will learn to formulate concrete recommendations to improve policy focused on the development of talent and creativity, and to successfully implement it. Students will present their paper in teams, and each team will critically reflect on the work of another team.
Uren per week variabel
Onderwijsvorm werkcollege
Toetsvorm werkstuk
Vaksoort master
Co├Ârdinator dr. J.R. den Hartigh
Docent(en) dr. J.R. den Hartigh , guest lecturers , B.C.H. Huijgen, PhD.
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A list of recommended literature will be made available through Nestor
Entreevoorwaarden In this course students will apply their knowledge, obtained in the course Talent Development and Creativity (PSMOB-7), to practice. To follow this advanced course, students should have taken the course Talent Development and Creativity in semester Ia.
Opmerkingen Attendance of the lectures is mandatory.
The maximum number of students that can enroll in the course is 40.
Students from the following programmes receive priority:
- Talent Development and Creativity
- Developmental Psychology
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