Research Training 1

Faculteit Letteren
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode LTR028M10
Vaknaam Research Training 1
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode hele jaar

Uitgebreide vaknaam Research Training 1
Leerdoelen The central idea for the Research Training module is that the supervisor has a project idea or ongoing research and that the student learns by not only reading related literature, but also participation in data collection and analysis. While it is up to the supervisors exactly what tasks the student will carry out, they must fulfill the following four learning outcomes. While the focus of the module is the obtaining the background knowledge (learning objective 1.2) and research activity (learning objectives 4.1 and 4.2), the student should also prepare a short final report (approximately 500 words) which discusses how the research is relevant to their field of study and the discipline of linguistics and discuss this with the supervisor in fulfillment of learning objective 4.3.

1.2 have a thorough knowledge of at least one theoretical and methodological approach within linguistics

4.1 be able to participate actively in a research group working on an academic project

4.2 be able to work with other students and lecturers on an academic project

4.3 be able to participate in international academic debate in the chosen area of specialization and to present an academic problem convincingly in appropriate English, both orally and in writing
Omschrijving The aim of this module is to provide the opportunity for students to work under the supervision of an experienced researcher and contribute to the researcher’s project. The goal is for students to get hands-on experience in data collection and data analysis in any or all of its phases. Students may do this module for 5 or 10 ETCS; it is available in every semester.

What it entails: This module may include completing readings or compiling a bibliography, but may not focus solely on a literature review. While it will almost certainly be necessary for the student to gain background knowledge through reading specific texts, the goal of this module is for students to learn to carry out research using a particular methodology and approach to linguistic analysis in the context of the supervisor’s research program.

Students will be evaluated on their work on the project and also a short final report which illustrates their understanding of the research in terms of its contribution to the field.


Information about research projects are posted on the ReMa Nestor page; you can find these in a folder labelled ‘Research Training’ on the ‘Content’ tab.

(You may also work with other research supervisors who have not submitted descriptions, if you know a staff member who is doing a project you would be interested in; the point of these project descriptions is simply to improve information flow, not to limit who can supervise research training.)

If you find a project you would like to participate in, contact the supervisor directly to work out the details. Please complete the Research Training form in consultation with the research supervisor, including both of your signatures. Please email this completed form to the ReMa Director of Studies, Janet Fuller ( and after obtaining her approval you may register for the module.
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Onderwijsvorm tutorial
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Vaksoort master jr 1
Coördinator Prof. Dr. J.M. Fuller
Docent(en) various lecturers
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ReMa Taalwetenschappen / Linguistics  (ReMa Language and Cognition) 1 hele jaar keuze