Ba Thesis English (Modern Literature)

Faculteit Letteren
Jaar 2018/19
Vakcode LEL999B10
Vaknaam Ba Thesis English (Modern Literature)
Niveau(s) bachelor
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II
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Uitgebreide vaknaam Bachelor's Thesis & Research Seminar English (Modern Literature)
Leerdoelen Upon successful completion of the course unit, students are able to:

1. provide a critical overview of a field that contextualises a topic of their own choosing;
2. structure a BA thesis in a logical and coherent form;
3. evaluate competing critical claims in order to produce an independent BA thesis;
4. engage in self-directed, degree-level research on a topic of the student’s choosing;
5. communicate their work in written English of degree level to academic and non-specialist audiences.
Omschrijving During this course, students will be supervised while undertaking independent research in preparation for a BA thesis in Modern Literature in English. The initial part of the course will consist of lectures and seminars that introduce students to the manner in which a successful thesis is prepared. Most of the course will be dedicated to independent study and research in the student’s chosen field. This will be carried out under the supervision of an allocated member of staff.

Modern Literature theses can be written on texts from c. 1550 and the present.
Uren per week 3
Onderwijsvorm werkcollege, zelfstudie (begeleid)
Toetsvorm scriptie
Vaksoort bachelor jr 3
Coördinator dr. K. de Vries
Docent(en) dr. K. de Vries ,dr. A.C. Hoag ,prof. dr. R.D.P. Lansdown ,dr. T.D. Mecsnober ,dr. R.H. van den Beuken
Entreevoorwaarden Propaedeutic phase,
English Proficiency 4: Major and relevant second and third-year course units from the same field. • for the Modern Literature BA Thesis: two Literature course units (King Arthur, Romance and Empire, Saints and Sinners, Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature, The Long 19th Century, Modernism and Beyond), including at least one on modern literature (Shakespeare and early Modern Literature, The Long 19th century, or Modernism and Beyond)
Opmerkingen This module cannot be taken as an elective. NB: This course has a maximum enrolment. If it fills up, students will have to write a thesis in another section of the department.
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