Rhetoric and Composition IIb

Faculteit Letteren
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode LAX050B05
Vaknaam Rhetoric and Composition IIb
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I b
Rooster rooster.rug.nl

Uitgebreide vaknaam Rhetoric and Composition IIb: The Research Paper
Leerdoelen During this course, students should:
- Extend their knowledge of the stylistic and formal requirements of writing an extended argumentative essay on a topic in the field of American studies, through a process of writing and revision.
- Acquire skills in conducting independent research in the humanities: students should be able to find, assess, and incorporate relevant primary and secondary sources for their own research.
- Develop and put forward (in class discussions and in written work) analyses of a wide range of texts within the field of American Studies.
- Give a clear, well-structured presentation of a complex subject, and respond spontaneously and effortlessly to interjections.

At the end of this course, students should have reached the following levels of the Common European Framework of Reference, as specified by the Council of Europe:
- Students can use the language fluently, accurately and effectively on a wide range of general, academic, or vocational topics, marking clearly the relationships between ideas. Students can communicate spontaneously with good grammatical control without much sign of having to restrict what they want to say, adopting a level of formality appropriate to the circumstances.
- Students can give a clear, well-structured presentation of a complex subject, expanding and supporting points of view at some length with subsidiary points, reasons and relevant examples. Students can handle interjections well, responding spontaneously and almost effortlessly.
- Students have a good command of a broad range of language allowing them to select a formulation to express themselves clearly in a wide range of general, academic, or professional topics without having to restrict what they want to say.
- Students can write clear, well-structured and mostly accurate texts of complex subjects. Students can underline the relevant salient issues, expand and support points of view at some length with subsidiary points, reasons and relevant examples, and round off with an appropriate conclusion.
- Students have no trouble understanding any type of text of spoken language, be it direct communication or text broadcast via the media, if given some time to familiarize themselves with the accent.
- Students have no trouble reading any type of text: abstract texts, manuscripts, literature and specialist articles.
Omschrijving This second-year course completes the departmental program in Rhetoric and Composition. Building on the foundations of academic writing laid in Rhetoric and Composition I, Rhetoric and Composition II offers rigorous consolidation and additional practice in various forms of academic English while also intensifying the focus on the subject-specific demands faced by students writing and speaking argumentatively in an American Studies setting. Students will deepen their understanding of formal argumentation and produce a series of argumentative essays (ranging in length from 1000 to 2500 words) to demonstrate their grasp of scholarly language, argument, and structure; their ability to deal with historical and theoretical contexts; and the quality of their research skills. Through the analysis of a selection of academic articles and argumentative essays, students will study and learn to reproduce diverse modes of scholarly rhetoric in both written and oral form. In the second half of the course, they give individual oral presentations based on the arguments articulated in their final research essays. Throughout the course, students are asked to reflect critically on their own writing and the writing of others, with the aim of furnishing them with the skills that will be required for third-year research seminars and the composition of their B.A. theses in the final year of the American Studies program.
Uren per week 4
(2x2 uur werkcollege)
Toetsvorm essay
Vaksoort bachelor jr 2
Coördinator Dr. K.S. Roberts
Docent(en) J.J. Lettinga , E.A. Olsen, PhD. ,Dr. K.S. Roberts
Verplichte literatuur
Titel Auteur ISBN Prijs
The Concise Wadsworth Handbook 4th edition Kirszner, Laurie, and Stephen Mandell 9781285074504 ca. €  29,00
They Say/I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing 4th edition Graff, Gerald, and Cathy Birkenstein 9780393933611 ca. €  22,00
Entreevoorwaarden Toegang tot het tweede jaar, d.w.z. minimaal 45 ECTS behaald uit de propedeuse van de BA American Studies.
Rhetoric and Composition Ia and Ib
Opmerkingen 80% Mandatory attendance.
Students are expected to participate actively in discussions during seminars and to duly carry out all assignments. This module can not be taken as an elective.
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