The Americas IIa: New Frontiers

Faculteit Letteren
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode LAX032P05
Vaknaam The Americas IIa: New Frontiers
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II a
Rooster 2 uur Hc; 2 uur Wc

Uitgebreide vaknaam The Americas IIa: New Frontiers
Leerdoelen Aims of course:
• To gain insight into the intricate political, economic, and cultural interdependencies between the U.S. and Latin America (and to a lesser extent Canada) during the first half of the nineteenth century.
• To explore developments in the Americas through a variety of disciplinary lenses and a wide range of perspectives.
• To foster an understanding of the tensions between civic and ethnic versions of American nationhood, and the impact of racialized and gendered thinking on forms of empire.
• To train students’ ability to recognize values, biases, and hidden assumptions in shaping historical understanding.
• To train students’ skills in analyzing and interpreting primary sources and foster an understanding of the cultural and socio-political work of literary and historiographical texts and cultural artefacts.
• To deepen students’ understanding of some of the fundamental tools, methods, and approaches of American Studies as an interdisciplinary field of scholarship.
• To improve fluency in spoken and written English.
Omschrijving This course offers an interdisciplinary introduction to cultural, historical, political, social, and economic developments in the Americas in the 19th century, with a specific focus on the position of the U.S within a hemispheric framework. Among the many topics we will address are the consolidation of the nation, the impact of Caribbean slave revolts on national identity construction, expansionism to the West and South, the American Borderlands, slavery, immigration, mobility, religious movements, industrialization, architecture, urbanization and changing gender roles.
Uren per week 4
Onderwijsvorm hoorcollege, werkcollege
(2 uur hoorcollege, 2 uur werkcollege)
Toetsvorm essay, schriftelijk tentamen
(schriftelijk digitaal 2 uur)
Vaksoort propedeuse
Coördinator M.L. Thompson
Docent(en) J.A. Müller, MA. , E.A. Olsen, PhD. , M.L. Thompson
Verplichte literatuur
Titel Auteur ISBN Prijs
Building the American Republic (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 2018), 2 volumes. PDF available for free here. Harry Watson and Jane Dailey
Additional material will be provided.
Opmerkingen 80% Mandatory attendance in seminars.
Students are expected to participate actively in discussions during seminars and to duly carry out all assignments. This module can be taken as an elective and/or Open Course Unit. Major students take precedence.
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