Let it flood!

Faculteit Honours College
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode HCSWX000805
Vaknaam Let it flood!
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II
Rooster rooster.rug.nl

Uitgebreide vaknaam Let it flood!
Omschrijving Summer School
Broadening Module: Sustainable Markets
When: 25th-30th August 2019
Where: Wadden region
“Wad”: Acquire an understanding of an integrated approach to sustainable development in the iconic Dutch Wadden region
Number of Places: 20
Student's contribution: between €170,- and €190,-
Atelier (2019-2020): Semester 2 Applying the knowledge as gained from the summer school by working on a specific sustainability issue relevant to the Nord East Frisian council (different projects to choose from)
Participation Atelier from abroad: possible

The aim is to involve students more actively in the field of sustainability and teach them relevant approaches and skills to address societal and environmental problems in the area of sustainable research. The summer school will specifically provide a practical experience of an integrated approach to sustainable development, including the challenges and opportunities related to such an approach.

Outline of the summer school
Students will be involved in different sustainability projects that are currently running in the Wadden region. A practitioner in the field will introduce the background of the project. Different experts in the field will then discuss the projects challenges and opportunities in relation to sustainability issues from their research background with the students. During the week, students will also reflect on these projects by experiencing the different (touristic) elements of these projects (e.g., mudflat walking, cycling in Ameland, visiting specific iconic sights, sustainable projects have been integrated into the area thus far etc.).

In this summer school, the following integrative key concepts are going to be reflected on (i) Sustainability on various levels of scale; (ii) An integrated analysis of sustainability issues, addressing its historic, economic, socio-behavioral, spatial, political and temporal dimensions; (iii) Human needs, behavior, and, well-being; (iv) Planning and design in the context of sustainability.

The most important part of the course is acquiring knowledge and practical experience by participating in a diversity of small, middle and large-scale sustainability projects running in the iconic Wadden region, the Netherlands One of the specific large-scale projects students will focus on is Holwerd-by-Sea (i.e., a bottom-up initiative to break the dykes to link Holwerd to the Wadden Sea). The knowledge and real-life experiences gained during the summer school will result in a vision statement about how sustainability can be integrated into Holwerd-by-Sea. The vision statement will be presented on the last day during a plenary session that is also attended by relevant practitioners. During the atelier, students can work on a specific part of a sustainability issue relevant in the Nord East Frisian area.

After the course, the student is able to:
1. Reflect on the challenges and opportunities of an integrated approach to sustainable development issues;
2. Analyze sustainability issues on a municipal, regional and national level;
3. Understand the interdisciplinary concept of sustainability including the various economic, socio-behavioural, spatial, temporal, and political implications;
4. Design (more) sustainable solutions for short, mid, and long-term sustainability projects.

Examples of projects and approaches Nord East Frisian council will introduce:
- Holwerd-by-sea (“flooding” Holwerd to increase tourism and welfare in the area)
- How to introduce small-scale sustainable energy solutions in the area
- Waste problems in the area
- “Sinnetafel” (approach the council is used to solve small-scale sustainability issues from a bottom-up approach)

- Dark Sky Park walking tour
- Mudflat walking Ameland
- Excursion in the Nord East Frisian area to learn about the unique landscape cultural-historic and natural development
- Sustainable Ameland: Presentation of Sustainable Ameland at Ballum and cycling through Ameland to look at the ongoing sustainability projects. Including a tour around the Solar panel park.
- Technologie museum Waddenzee: https://afsluitdijkwaddencenter.nl/
- Tour and introduction of relevant sustainability projects in Nord East Friesland.

Guest Lecturers:
- Jocien van der Hout – Policy Officer, Urban Planning & Design, Dongeradeel – Expert on landscape planning and design issues from a sustainable and integrated perspective. Introducing a specific approach used to solve small-scale sustainability issues in Nord-East Friesland.
- Matthijs Dicke – Consultancy Agent Mobility & Transport, Goudappel Coiffeng, Deventer – Introducing sustainable approaches to integrating (the acceptability of) sustainable technology and human behaviour change in relation to the sustainability projects.
- Iain Davies – Senior Lecturer Marketing, University of Bath – Introducing sustainable tourism issues related to Holwerd-by-Sea.
- Krista Bondy – Senior Lecturer Sustainable Management, University of Bath – Introducing the various problems related to sustainable management in general and specifically discussing the relevance of bottom-up approaches in relation to sustainability issues.
- Meindert Schroor – Portfolio holder Cultural History, Waddenacademie – Lecturing on the unique landscape from a cultural-historical context.
Uren per week variabel
Onderwijsvorm Bijeenkomst(en), Excursie(s)
Toetsvorm Groepsopdracht(en)
((Presentation at the Petrus Camper Festival on June 24th, 2020))
Vaksoort Honours College-Bachelor
Docent(en) Guest lecturer
Entreevoorwaarden Open only to non-Faculty of Economics and Business Honours College students.
Only open to students who have been selected for this part of the programme and have completed the connected Broadening Module successfully.
Opmerkingen Successfully taking part in the Summer School is a requirement for further participation in the connected Atelier.
The following condition (Article 3.6 of the EAR, to be found in your Student Portal under Organizations) applies: “Except in the event of extraordinary circumstances, all Honours Programme course units have a 100% attendance requirement, which includes preparation for and active participation in the course units. The lecturer may give individual students who provide good reasons for their absence permission to replace a missed meeting by a repair assignment.”
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