MC Leadership Development in Health

Faculteit Honours College
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode HCMMC03301
Vaknaam MC Leadership Development in Health
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I

Uitgebreide vaknaam MC Leadership Development in Health
Omschrijving Health is a pivotal element of society on different levels. Health is a crucial factor of individuals' happiness, as well as an asset of the national and global economy as it relates directly to labour market outcomes such as education and income. Moreover, health can be seen as a key aspect of individuals' human capital to produce economic value. In the masterclass Leadership Development in Health we will focus on the concept of “health capital” from two different angles; societal and corporate. From societal perspective health capital can be seen as an interdisciplinary concept, which is of (in)direct interest to policy makers and researchers. From a corporate perspective health capital can be seen as an investment asset to encounter unmet needs, which directly affects human and sustainable economic growth. With hands-on assignments and discussion meetings students will be guided through both angles by the Scientific Director of the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health and the Business Director of market access and health economics consultancy Asc Academics. The final product is an individual essay in which students reflect on their leadership development in health.
Uren per week variabel
Onderwijsvorm Discussiebijeenkomsten, Hoorcolleges, Presentatie(s)
Toetsvorm Essay, Presentatie(s)
Vaksoort Honours College-Master
Coördinator dr. R.D. Freriks
Docent(en) dr. R.D. Freriks ,Prof. Dr. J.O. Mierau ,dr. J. van der Schans
Entreevoorwaarden Only available for students who have been accepted into the MA Honours College Programme.
Opmerkingen The following condition (Article 3.6 of the EAR, to be found in your Student Portal under Organizations) applies: “Except in the event of extraordinary circumstances, all Master’s Honours Programme course units have a 100% attendance requirement, which includes preparation for and active participation in the course units.”
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Honours Master  (3. Masterclasses) 1 semester I keuze