MC Podcasting Science

Faculteit Honours College
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode HCMMC02001
Vaknaam MC Podcasting Science
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I

Uitgebreide vaknaam MC Podcasting Science: A Data Science Experiment
Leerdoelen This is a course where students learn about a specific subject by having to create a dissemination product. This will not be standard academic output, rather a podcast. The aim is to learn something about a topic (in this case authorship attribution), and turn this knowledge into an information product usable by anyone. The students will also learn how podcasts work, both theoretically and in practice.
Omschrijving In this course students learn about a specific subject by having to create a dissemination product. This will not be standard academic output, rather a podcast. The topic I chose is authorship attribution (AA): were two given texts written by the same person or not?

In this masterclass module, the general concepts related to authorship attribution as well as podcasting (different types of podcasts, recorded episodes, scripts, and supporting episode webpages) will be
introduced and discussed together with the students. The outcome of the class (final
project) will be the script of the first episode of the podcast, over the generalities of
authorship attribution, after having chosen carefully the right podcasting framework and settings.
NOTE: This masterclass is best followed by a Leadership Lab where we will
also study several real-life cases, such as the J.K Rowling or the Elena Ferrante cases.
Both the introductory information and each case study will be scripted into podcasts
(each podcast will also have its own episode webpage).

Obligatory literature : It will be discussed during the course. Good, light, introductory pointers:
- Richard Berry (2016), Part of the establishment : Reflecting on 10 years of podcasting as an audio medium (pdf provided)

To LISTEN (podcasts):
- Anything from Radiolab, because they mix talking amongst themselves with clever use of interviews, music and other speakers. And importantly: they talk about science, like we will do.
- Anything from Lore, because it shows how you can make one single person talking still interesting
Uren per week 2
Onderwijsvorm Bijeenkomst(en), Discussiebijeenkomsten, Essay, Groepsbijeenkomst(en) en -onderzoeksopdracht(en), Hoorcolleges, Literatuurstudie, Various styles of action learning
(Meetings, hands on work, practical output)
Toetsvorm Actieve deelname, Groepsopdracht(en), Presentatie(s)
(a scripted podcast, webpage notes for the episode)
Vaksoort Honours College-Master
Coördinator Prof. Dr. M. Nissim
Docent(en) A.D. Brouwers, MA. ,Prof. Dr. M. Nissim
Entreevoorwaarden Only available for students who have been accepted into the MA Honours College Programme. The master class associated to this Lab is a pre-requisite. Performance in that class might be discriminative towards admission.
Opmerkingen The following condition (Article 3.6 of the EAR, to be found in your Student Portal under Organizations) applies: “Except in the event of extraordinary circumstances, all Master’s Honours Programme course units have a 100% attendance requirement, which includes preparation for and active participation in the course units.”
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