Creating a global engagement

Faculteit Honours College
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode HCMLL06104
Vaknaam Creating a global engagement
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I b en semester II a
Rooster March – May 2021, possible to start a bit earlier

Uitgebreide vaknaam Creating a global engagement teaching module to develop awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusiveness.
Leerdoelen a) To observe, experience and practise leadership skills in a controlled environment, being the ENLIGHT European University Alliance (, specifically the ENLIGHT Think Tank for Global Engagement.
b) To acquire (new) knowledge (in a multidisciplinary environment), being teaching and learning across cultures and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
Omschrijving On behalf of the ENLIGHT Think Tank for Global Engagement your team will be asked to develop a blended pilot module for Global Engagement. This module will have to consist of different (in-person and online) units, with peer-learning modalities, which students can accumulate at different ENLIGHT universities, and which they can integrate/combine with their individual learning path.
The aim of the ENLIGHT Global Engagement module is to enable students and staff to develop awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusiveness and learn to work with it effectively in order to enhance their global employability and citizenship in an increasingly complex, globalised and digitalised labour market. The global engagement module will follow the principles of good teaching and learning across cultures (Leask & Carroll, 2013), Global Citizenship Education (GCED), and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

The activities you will do:
map and connect existing learning opportunities (courses, modules, programs) with regard to global engagement, diversity, inclusiveness and empowerment;
identify gaps, for example a lack of research about the international classroom as a change process and International Classroom case studies;
conduct interviews with experts, students;
create a course outline with hybrid and blended elements, ideas for project work;
pitch your team’s design for a blended module to the ENLIGHT Think Tank on Global Engagement.

Leadership skills that will be practiced, e.g.:

-effective communication
-operating interdisciplinary
-to practice verbal skills
-to work with diversity
-to persuade people
-to cooperate with people
-to structure complex tasks
-creative and innovative thinking

UG Project Coordination Team of the ENLIGHT European University Network
Uren per week variabel
(Bi-weekly sessions with a representative of the ENLIGHT Think Tank for Global Engagement to discuss aims, process and progress of the project)
(a) a reflection report b) a report on the design of the blended pilot module for Global Engagement.)
Vaksoort Honours College-Master
Coördinator prof. dr. E. Sterken
Docent(en) dr. J. Pelgrom ,prof. dr. E. Sterken
Entreevoorwaarden Only available for students who have been accepted into the MA Honours College Programme.
Opmerkingen When you are participating in the Honours master Programme, you can choose from several Leadership Labs. It is mandatory to apply for 1 Leadership Lab.
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