MMIT - Fit for practice 1

Faculteit Medische Wetenschappen / UMCG
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode GKMMIT301
Vaknaam MMIT - Fit for practice 1
Niveau(s) master
Voertaal Engels
Periode hele jaar

Uitgebreide vaknaam Fit for practice 1
Leerdoelen After following this course, students are able to:
- Show awareness of the underlying principles of effective oral communication (communication: 1)
- Show awareness of the underlying principles of an effective discussion/debate (communicator: 2)
- Show awareness of the underlying principles of effective writing (communicator: 3)
- Identify his/her own expertise and perspective and the expertise and perspective of others (collaborator: 1)
- Communicate and reflect on strong and weak points and propose actions for improvement (professional: 1)
- Communicate and reflect on scientific ambitions and professional opportunities (professional: 1)
- Show awareness of Dutch research code of conduct and act accordingly (professional: 2)
Omschrijving Fit for practice 1 focuses on the student’s personal and professional development. The course is set up to support MMIT students with preparing a portfolio describing their interests, goals, personal SWOT analysis, plan of action, and reflection regarding the four competence roles that are central to the Master programme. These four competence roles are Researcher, Communicator, Collaborator, and Professional.

In science, there are many possibilities, opportunities and challenges. During the two-year master programme, MMIT students are actively guided in their personal and professional development. In (mentor) meetings, master classes, and workshops students learn more about their ambitions and capabilities and how to communicate and reflect on those.
At the end of year 1, students submit a personal portfolio in which they reflect on their ambitions & developments and set-up & evaluate an action plan in order to become an all-round MMIT professional.
Uren per week
(Meetings, classes, workshops, e-modules)
Toetsvorm portfolio
Vaksoort Master
Coördinator prof. dr. I.S. Zuhorn
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MSc Molecular Medicine and Innovative Treatment (MMIT)  (A: Molecular Medicine and Innovative Treatment) 1 hele jaar verplicht