Spatial Design Atelier

Faculteit Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode GESD3
Vaknaam Spatial Design Atelier
Niveau(s) propedeuse
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II a

Uitgebreide vaknaam Spatial Design Atelier
Leerdoelen 1. Describe the complexity of planning and designing on a regional scale
2. Apply the steps of a design process in a project
3. Reflect with own experiences on key literature on design thinking, the design process and the mindset of a designer
4. Interpret spatial data in the light of the objectives formulated for a spatial plan
5. Propose a spatial plan that addresses social and environmental challenges (relevance), within ambitious yet realistic frames (legitimate) in an appealing way (credible)
6. Develop a storyline that underpins why the developed spatial plan is a good solution for the formulated objectives
7. Use oral, written and visual means to communicate ideas
8. Perform effectively in a team
Omschrijving The aim of the Spatial Design Atelier is to create a plan/vision on different scales and based on real-world planning and design problems for a pre-defined project area. Drawing up a spatial plan is an informed process, therefore, students will use the analytical skills of complimentary 1st year courses. Furthermore, the students will be introduced to, and become familiar with design-thinking and plan-making theories and concepts behind the creative process of plan-making during lectures and via their personal experience of a plan-making process.
The students will work 2 days per week on their project in studio, where they develop a spatial plan in small teams. In addition, lectures are provided on various topics Students prepare, do and report on field visits to specific places of interest in the project area.
The end products forming the basis for assessment include:
• A territorial analysis of the pre-defined project area and its’ spatial challenges,
• A concept/vision for the future spatial arrangement of the project area,
• A spatial plan for a location within the project area,
• Presentations of their intermediate and final products,
• Peer-review of the group presentations, group assignment and design review sessions,
• Individual reflection on the plan-making process and group work
Uren per week 18
Onderwijsvorm Computer practicals, Fieldwork, Guest lectures, Independent study, Lectures, Practicals
(+ Studio. The students will work in teams on their project in the studio with supervision of a lecturer.)
Toetsvorm Active participation, Examination with multiple choice questions, Examination with open questions, Group assignments, Individual assignments
Vaksoort propedeuse
Coördinator dr. ir. T. van Dijk
Docent(en) Dr. F. Bahrami ,dr. ir. J. Kempenaar , C.A. Miller, MSc. , M.M.I.M. Saleh, BSc. MSc. ,dr. ir. T. van Dijk
Verplichte literatuur
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Books: To be announced in the course manual or via Bright Space

Opmerkingen To be announced in the course manual or via NestorThe language of instruction is in ENGLISH. Students will not be evaluated based on their language skills.
The course requires a pro-active and open attitude from students. Attendance in all atelier sessions is compulsory.
Extra costs: students will get a list of drawing and atelier materials, which they will have to purchase (around EUR 30), they will be used again in the RD4 course.
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BSc Spatial Planning and Design  (Basic programme BSc Spatial Planning and Design) 1 semester II a verplicht