Research Paper for E&BE

Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
Jaar 2022/23
Vakcode EBP035A05
Vaknaam Research Paper for E&BE
Niveau(s) propedeuse
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II
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Uitgebreide vaknaam Research Paper for E&BE
Leerdoelen Upon completion of the course, the student is able to
1. Develop and motivate one or more research questions on the basis of a given research topic.
2. Perform a literature survey for a given research topic in the fields of Business and Economics.
3. Appropriately reference and cite relevant literature and previous research.
4. Access data with different formats and be able to prepare (preprocess) data for further analysis.
5. Demonstrate proficiency in using software programs Excel and Stata to apply relevant statistical techniques in manipulating and describing data.
6. Effectively communicate the results of the research in written and in oral form.
7. Work effectively in groups.
Omschrijving This course deals with two aspects of writing a research paper. The first part provides a training in writing a literature review in Economics & Business Economics. It will deal with the specifics of writing economics, and the application of this knowledge in writing a paper by presenting a literature overview. The second part teaches the first steps in doing actual research which involve data collection, cleaning, presenting and summarizing. The students also practice performing a simple regression analysis. They implement these first steps of research using the software programs Excel and Stata.
Uren per week variabel
Onderwijsvorm -groepsbegeleiding ,  -hoorcollege ,  -werkcollege, computer practica
(sem. 2.1: lecture, tutorials, group supervision - sem. 2.2: lectures, computer practicals, group supervision)
Toetsvorm -groepsopdracht,  -individuele presentatie,  -verplichte aanwezigheid
(sem. 2.1: group assignment, individual oral presentation, mandatory attendance - sem. 2.2: group assignment, individual assignment, mandatory assignment)
Vaksoort propedeuse
Coördinator G. Lecce, PhD.
Docent(en) dr. A.A. Erumban , G. Lecce, PhD. ,Dr. P. Rao Sahib
Entreevoorwaarden Admittance to the BSc E&BE. Depending on e.g. capacity, other students may be allowed to participate in some or all course activities (to be decided by the programme director).
Opmerkingen Coordinator 2.1: Dr. G. Lecce. Secr: Kim Beute, phone: +31 (0)50 36 37018,, room: 5411.0734
Coordinator 2.2: Dr. P. Rao Sahib. Secr. Herma van der Vleuten, phone: +31 (0)50 36 33458,, room: 5411.0538
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BSc Economics and Business Economics/E&BE  (basisprogramma BSc E&BE) 1 semester II verplicht