Managing Healthcare

Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
Jaar 2021/22
Vakcode EBE065A05
Vaknaam Managing Healthcare
Niveau(s) post-initieel
Voertaal Engels en Nederlands
Periode semester II b (trimester 3)

Uitgebreide vaknaam Managing Healthcare
Leerdoelen Upon completion of this course the student is able to:
- explain why healthcare management exists as a distinctive discipline within management;
- understand the systemic challenges of healthcare management;
- discuss the major defining components of healthcare systems;
- delineate effective strategies for working with a diverse group of healthcare and medical professionals;
- reflect on the relevance of basic management accounting functions in healthcare settings.
- Argue against which kinds of standards healthcare quality can be evaluated
Omschrijving This course aims to provide the student with knowledge on the specific challenges of healthcare management. To understand the organization and management of healthcare systems (e.g., between hospitals), this course introduces the basic components of the healthcare system, and the dynamics evolving from its actors and specific roles. The unique setting poses specific challenges to managers in health care settings. For instance, healthcare organizations often consist of a multidisciplinary workforce in which different actors (medical specialists, medical researchers, care providers) require different types of leadership. Healthcare organizations also have increasingly implemented structures and explicitness (such as healthcare supply chains, clinical guidelines, electronic healthcare records, outcome monitoring systems) to the healthcare process to increase the quality of care. These improvements have also led to new challenges, such as striking the right balance between improvements in transparency and reliability against increased administration costs. Finally, healthcare organizations often have to manage their social mission or purpose while responding to financial incentives and behaving entrepreneurially. This course helps the student to effectively deal with the specific challenges of healthcare systems.
Uren per week variabel
Onderwijsvorm -gastcollege , gecombineerde hoor-/werkcolleges
(interactive (online) lectures, guest speaker(s))
(Group assignments and individual exam)
Vaksoort executive master
Coördinator N. Renting
Docent(en) N. Renting ,prof. dr. J.T. van der Vaart
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Bundle of academic articles
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Executive MBA - Health 1 semester II b verplicht