Management of Product Innovation

Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
Jaar 2018/19
Vakcode EBB652B05
Vaknaam Management of Product Innovation
Niveau(s) bachelor, uitwisseling
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester II b
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Uitgebreide vaknaam Management of Product Innovation
Leerdoelen Upon completion of the course the student is able to:
1. Explain the generic innovation process, as used in the development of new products, industrial processes and services from a managerial point of view.
2. Relate the contents of selected basic scientific articles in Innovation Management to the theories from the book.
3. Apply this knowledge to analyze and solve problems in Innovation Management and New Product Development from industrial and other practices (cases).
Omschrijving The development of successful new products, processes and/or services is a challenge for many companies. Innovation processes are complex, and many stakeholders within and outside the company are involved. In this course the management of innovation is being taught, approaching the subject from different perspectives: strategy, management & organization, marketing, knowledge, etc.

The book that is used in the course gives input for an academic approach as well as for more practical applications. Most of the theory will be treated in the first three lectures. This part is finalized with a written (MC) exam in the fourth course week about 9 chapters of the book and six academic papers that are also used for the cases (see below). In the second part of the course students will work in groups on case studies from industries to illustrate how theory is being used in practice. They will be supported by parts of the book and the six academic papers mentioned.
Uren per week 2
Onderwijsvorm hoorcolleges, werkcolleges
Toetsvorm opdracht(en), schriftelijk tentamen met meerkeuzevragen, tussentoets(en)
Vaksoort bachelor
Coördinator dr. J.D. van der Bij
Docent(en) dr. W.W.M.E. Schoenmakers ,drs. F.D. Streefland ,dr. J.D. van der Bij
Verplichte literatuur
Titel Auteur ISBN Prijs
Strategic Management of Technological Innovation. 5th revised edition, McGraw Hill, 2016

Schilling, Melissa A. 9781259255526 ca. €  50,00
6 Selected papers
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BSc Bedrijfskunde/Bdk  ( Technology Management/TM) 2 semester II b verplicht
Courses open to Exchange Students (BSc)  ( Courses open to Exchange Students (BSc) without limited access) 2 semester II b keuze
MSc Chemical Engineering  (Electives Courses Chemical Engineering) - semester II b keuze
Pre-MSc-programma’s FEB  (Pre-MSc Technology and Operations Management/TOM) 1 semester II b verplicht
Pre-MSc-programma’s FEB  (Pre-MSc BA Small Business & Entrepreneurship/SB&E) 1 semester II b verplicht
Pre-MSc-programma’s FEB  (Pre-MSc BA Strategic Innovation Management/SIM) 1 semester II b verplicht
Pre-MSc-programma’s FEB  (Pre-MSc Human Resource Management/HRM) 1 semester II b verplicht