Numerical Methods for EOR

Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde
Jaar 2018/19
Vakcode EBB115A05
Vaknaam Numerical Methods for EOR
Niveau(s) bachelor, uitwisseling
Voertaal Engels
Periode semester I a
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Uitgebreide vaknaam Numerical Methods for EOR
Leerdoelen Upon completion of the course the student is able to:
1. Collect, store and access data in a systematic manner
2. Optimize functions using numerical methods
3. Program and optimize nonstandard log-likelihood functions
4. Assess (model) uncertainty using computer intensive methods such as bootstrap
Omschrijving Improvements in data storage and computing power enable researchers to address economic and econometric issues that were impossible to address ten years ago. Also, numerical methods and simulation enable theorists to understand their models better. In this course, we focus on data, numerical methods to answer questions relevant to these data, and (econometric) analysis of these data.
Uren per week 4
Onderwijsvorm hoorcolleges, practica
Toetsvorm computertoets, opdracht(en)
(Written exam with open questions and computer code)
Vaksoort bachelor
Coördinator prof. dr. R.H. Koning
Docent(en) V. Chatzikonstanti, PhD. ,prof. dr. R.H. Koning
Verplichte literatuur
Titel Auteur ISBN Prijs
Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R(2014) Boca Raton: CRC Press.

Jones, O., R. Maillardet, and A. Robinson
Entreevoorwaarden Introductory econometrics, statistics
Opmerkingen Info: Prof. Ruud Koning, phone +31(0)50 36 37192, e-mail
Secretary: Martine Geerlings-Koolman, phone +31(0)50 36 37018, e-mail
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Opleiding Jaar Periode Type
BSc Econometrics and Operations Research/EOR  (basisprogramma BSc EOR) 3 semester I a verplicht
Courses open to Exchange Students (BSc)  ( Courses open to Exchange Students (BSc) without limited access) 3 semester I a keuze